"Error On Page" Messages. Computer Gurus, Please

Recently, I joined an internet photo website called www.picturetrail.com, and I have been having some problems with some of the “click-on” opitons and their support folks can’t seem to tell me what’s causing it. I will describe:

  1. In the option “Tell A Friend”, when I click on it, I get the “error on page” message and the details are as follows:

Line: 145
Character: 1
Error: The callee (server[not server application]) is not available and disappeared. All connections are invalid. The call did not execute.
Code: 0

  1. In “View Sample Frames”, the details are:

Line: 14
Character: 5
Error: Unspecified Error
URL: www.picturetrail.com/members/edit?

I use IE 6 as my browser on WXP Home Edition and I have an Excite HP. I have 288 MB of RAM, 9.53 GB of which 5.33 have been used, an AMD-K6 3D processor and 475 MHZ.

Ths support staff keeps asking me for details, and I don’t know what else to tell them, so I’m turning to you. What am I missing?
I just wanna know if it’s me or them with the problem. FYI, this doesn’t happen with every option on their site, just those two and one other: “View Sample Backgrounds” and that message is virtually identical to number 2 above.

BTW: I know I have an old system and need to upgrade, but this doesn’t happen with any other website.

I appreciate Y’all’s help.

I would try another photo site, there are so many of them & they are free…

Also, I keep IE & Netscape on my computer so that when one won’t load a page, the other usually can. I don’t think it has anythng to do with your computer specs.