Esprix, Doobieous, goboy, Hastur, Ashtar, Kimstu, andygirl, Anthracite, Polycarp...

…will you be my valentine?

I thought I already was, dearest Matt. Hugs and smooches!

9 homosexuals and a Christian- Chaos ensues when this mismatched group decides to room togethere to save money. Wednesday nights at 8 this Fall on UPN. :wink:

(spinning logo- YOU PEE ENN!)

Happy V-day, all.

Nope, Dave.

Labels are for museum exhibits.

We’re ten people, each capable of loving, hurting, feeling joy and pain, each seeking for what matters in our lives. The fact that I happen to be the odd man out in the group, with a wife of the opposite sex, is negligible.


{{{group hug}}}}

But of course.

I’m not a big believer in valentine’s day… but since it’s you. :slight_smile:

<passes out little cinammon candy hearts>

BTW… Polycarp, have I ever mentioned how much I like you?

I have to share?

Well, since it’s such nice company… :wink:

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! {smooches all 'round}


I’ll just be standing in this corner over here in case anybody needs a valentine.


Thrilled and honored, matt darling, and proud to be in such good company! (Just for the record, though, Dave and Poly, I should point out that I’m actually a heterosexual female. But I’m a bit of a “fruit fly” and a fan of lesbian couture—does that count? ;))


larger Sniff

[sub]What about me? I’m not straight either.
I’ll just be in the corner with my Paddington Bear if anybody wants me.[/sub]

Why, sure matt, i’ll be your valentine :smiley:

Well, Kim, I’m duly chastized!

Though I could waffle out of this by observing that my post denigrated labels, and while you may well be “the other token het” in the group ;), you certainly do not meet the other half of my post: you don’t have a wife of the opposite sex!! :smiley:

Anyway, Matt, I’m deeply touched by this, and should have said that before, but answering Weirddave sparked my argumentative side (you hadn’t noticed I had one? :rolleyes: ).

I just want to say how much it’s meant to me to have as friends the wonderful group of people that is SDMB, and in particular, along with the ones who know how important they are to me (such as Mr. & Mrs. RTFirefly, Satan and Drain Bead, and Smooth Operator, quite a few of the others I’d list on my “in particular” list are on your Valentine list too.

Now, goboy, if you’ll just get your hand off my knee, I’ll hit “Submit Reply” and post this.

No, I didn’t mean move it that direction!!!



I’m touched.

Enjoy a rose from the bouquet my husband gave me, a slice of pizza, and a lovely glass of merlot.

Hope your day goes well.


PS - I had to taunt techchick68 for returning in the Valentine’s flame in the Pit. Am I going to Hell for that?

Funny, when I read the thread title, I had this image of Matt in a pentagram, chanting while the incense burned…

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.

Matt–I’m flattered. :slight_smile: Thank you!

(Ashy takes out a boquet of flowers, and goes around the room, passing them out to everyone, like a child in a classroom. He even remembers to get one for iampunha and Attrayant!)

(He finishes by giving Matt a rose for being caring enough to include him when he thought of making this thread. Ashy is poor, so it’s not florist variety, but he picked out the best from his garden, and spent a great deal of time carefully trimming off all the thorns.)

I feel all happy now. :smiley: [sub]sniffsniff[/sub] I needed this thread!


Yes, matt, I will.

Thank you very much for thinking about me during this lonely week.

I know I’m a day late with this but…

<rockstar sneaks over to the corner, kisses iampunha on the cheek, and runs out of the room giggling like a little girl>

head whips around Who was that masked rockstar?