So....Whose your Valentine gonna be?

It’s getting nearer and nearer to the date of Valentines day so who do you have lined up for ‘Flowers and Candy’ on that day

I have someone in mind :wink:

My wife.

As do I: My fiance’ naturally.

I don’t have my plans settled yet, but I would like to surprise her with something very sweet.

No one.
Unless it’s that guy that keeps popping up in my dreams (not THAT kind of dream, you dirty minded fool). For the last week there’s been this blonde guy I keep “running into” in my dreams. It’s starting to creep me out.

If they were at least sex dreams I could understand.

Rosy Palm and her five sisters.

Damn, I hate being seperated. :frowning:

You missing your hands or something? :wink:

Well, my last GF and I finally did a real split* a little bit ago, so no one.

And that’s fine, really. I’ll be seeing someone else eventually (always do), but for now, I’m content to be unattatched.

I’m open for suggestions, though…
*I tend to have very long breakups, where we get back together several times to “work it out.” More fun than an acid enema.

Lord no, then I would really have nothing to live for.

At least he wasn’t a chef that would be attractive if he wasn’t stalking you through a warehouse store insisting you try to use a wafflemaker, which he is carrying and is dripping on the floor, right? It’s not fair, even the nice looking guys in my dreams are unbalanced :dubious:

As for the OP, no one. <sighs>

I’ve got one the day after. Does that count?

i’m going to fly over and see irishfella on the 13th (our 18 month i versary) and fly back on the 16th.

we get 3 wonderful nights together, and i can’t wait.

i love him so much.

I’m not sure who I will give the candy too…

…Oh yeah!!! My wife!!!

(Phew! That was close!)

My Shmoopie. :slight_smile:

And yes, for the record, I call him that to his face. And he calls me Poopsie to my face.

Let the projectile vomiting begin…



No one.

“Black Friday”'s coming up again, eh?

My sugarbee, also known as Gunslinger. No plans, as we’re 1,700 miles away for the next five months.

But hey, it’s only 5 months. We’ve been waiting for eight or nine months already, so it’s no big deal to wait five more, right?


umm no flowers and candy for the DH

Last year I brought him 2 dozen heart-shaped, jelly-filled doughnuts. His whole office loves me now!

I think I’ll get him olives this year - or pretzels.

(but he better give me chocolate!)

Well based on a thread about a week ago, you could live on mellons.
Take that anyway you like:D

Are you suggesting I give my wife a melon baller for Valentines?

I’m working on it.

Is melon balling the Vegans answer to bestiality?