So....Whose your Valentine gonna be?

Is that what Jim Carrey’s character did in Me, Myself, & Irene?

Not to unhijack the hijack, but we will continue our family tradition and ignore the whole idea of Valentine’s day. However, I will be in Baltimore for a conjugal visit for that weekend - it’s a 3-day weekend and I fly into town Thursday night.

A conjugal visit with Baltimore?

You’ll be walking funny for a while
sorry… sorry… so sorry…

IN Baltimore, not with Baltimore… Time for that overdue optical exam, NoClueBoy

When did they start letting people in Baltimore have conjugal visits?

Nobody. As usual.

Come on guys and girls, pour your heart out to me! (Please)

Nobody whatsoever as things stand now, but hell, a girl can always hope, right?

Well, I am having my first followup Pap smear since cervical cancer surgery on V-day (how appropriate), so at least I’m getting poked by somebody!

No I believe that’s called Mellon busting :smiley:

Never in my life have i had somebody to share valentines day with so this year will be a first! (well, kinda…)
I’m being a fake lesbian for the day with a friend who will also be single. You know things are getting desperate when you have to be a fake lesbian for valentines day and the prom. My only choices for that were 2 other fake lesbians and a gay guy.

It depends when the restraining order expires.

I dont have a valentine for that day or today or last night …you get the point like Eva Luna said, things could always change tomorrow.

And Eva Luna I hope your pap smear results turn out okay.

Russell Stover. :smiley:

The bf asked what I want for Valentine’s Day. My answer…I want him! That’s all. As long as he’s there to wake up with the next day, that’s all that matters.

I asked him what he wants for Valentine’s Day and he said…I want you, Swampy. :cool: Ain’t love grand!

So, our plans are to grill steaks, then have some hot tub time while sipping on a nicely chilled bottle of champagne, followed by lots of hot sweaty sex. Heck, I might even make him waffles for breakfast the next day.

This is the first time in a loooong time I actually have someone to buy a Valentine’s day card for (and other stuff, too). And unlike NYE, we actually get to spend it together.

Rico and I were both single for a long time before we reconnected. During that time, we both developed the Bah Humbug attitude particular to singles at v-day time.

Last year was our first v-day after marrying… I was kind of curious to see what it could be like with the love o my life but Rico was still dead set against “having to show my love one day of the year because society deems it”. We did nothing.

This year I’m more curious about it… When I brought it up last week, Rico rolled his eyes.

It will be just another day again this year. :rolleyes:

Who’s my valentine? Why, porcupine.

Originally posted by vivalostwages:

Bwahahahaha! That was great, viva.

As for me… Yeah, I have someone in mind. We’re not sweeties, but I’m fixin’ to change that. We’ll see what happens in the coming months.

All my past Valentines days have been dumb dumb dumb…even when I was married it sucked, like most other occassions I bought my own gift…
now, this year is my second V-Day being not married and (finally) my number was called this year, I get to spend V-day with a very special someone… he actually asked me to be his Valentine, which is a first in my life…we may go to dinner, we may stay in, in anycase I’ll get to spend the day with someone who I truely care for.

My valentine? None other than my wonderful boyfriend/husband/guy-who-lives-with-me Jeremy. :slight_smile: The most caring, generous, honest, genuine, loving, horny man I have ever met. I love him with all my heart, and sharing my life with him, one day at a time, is the most incredible experience.

I don’t know what our plans are. He says he has something in mind…!

Whatever we do, we’ll do it sober - and happy.

Then we’ll come back home and do it like bunnies! :eek: :stuck_out_tongue: