Eternal: Yes, all athiests..

Are dumber than someone who absolutely killed a non-stick pan.

From a thread comparing stories of stupidity:

Look. In this thread, there are people that cut their heads open while trying to headbutt nails through boards, people who’ve destroyed their office microwaves, and perfectly good noodles in the process. People who have set their thumbs on fire. People who have applied Vapo Rub to very sensitive, cut spots. People who have set their kitchens on fire.

I mean, Jesus Christ! Aceospades stapled his bloody forehead!

Do you mean to say that choosing not to believe in a silly book dreamed up by bronze-age nomads (</hyperbole>) makes someone stupider than one who puts all of his dirty dishes in the oven, and then preheats the oven to cook?

I’m sorry, but as stupid as some athiests may be, (myself included) I’ve never stapled my own forehead.

Thank you.

(McLink with cheese:

PS: Thank you, Czarcasm, for pointing Eternal in the general direction of GD.

I think Eternal was providing a real-time example of something he did that was really, really stupid. Specifically, assuming that adherence or non-adherence to a particular set of religious principles is indicative of one’s mental capacity.

Hey, I’m an atheist too, but I don’t think **Eternal ** was putting me down by that comment. It might just be something he felt personally was stupid. I’d cut him/her some slack (unless he gets all Jack Chick up in here).

I assume it would be fair game for someone to say in that thread “I actually used to believe that ridiculous fairy tale that God sacrificed Himself to Himself to change rules He Himself made!”

Actually, it probably wouldn’t. Proselytising doesn’t belong in “Stupid things I’ve done” threads.

Remind me again which poster went down on a female Labrador Retriever?

Labrador Retriever, you said? It wasn’t me.

That was good. :smiley:

What was good. . .the story or the Lab?:smiley:

Oldscratch. And it was analingus.

I hate my fucking perfect memory, sometimes.

Alright, I seriously missed a memo.

Someone went down on a dog?!?!?

Even worse. It reads like someone went trick-or-treating at the back door of the dog’s Baby Ruth factory.

Some people… when I get bored I just read a book.

Yum, yum, gimmee some.

That link sure is a trip down memory lane! And hansel was partially right: besides the analingus performed on a Golden Retriever, someone went down on a black lab (male), and then some.

What the hell is wrong with people? :slight_smile:

In the future, to avoid even the suggestion of canine impropriety, I will no longer show any affection for our three dogs other than simple pats on the heads. (Stop it! All three are females, thus they only have one head apiece. So, just stop it.) :stuck_out_tongue:

What a trippy thread. That was the biggest left turn I’ve ever seen (from pitting a possible fundy [or someone who’s just really witty, as it seems now] to talk of canine analingus).

I’m gonna go lie down for a little while.

I will take links “I am not clicking on no matter what” for a thousand Alex.


And the award for the biggest, and worst hijaak goes to…


TaxGuy nailed it.