EU residents: do you see the EU flag everywhere?

The last time I was in the EU was several years ago and I can’t remember whether or not the EU flag was a common sight. But here in Bulgaria I see it very often, especially flown alongside the BG flag. Another American and I jokingly wondered whether Bulgaria thought it could sneak into the EU if it just flew the flag enough, leading me to wonder if this is a common sight in the actual EU.

Only on car license plates in the UK unless at a formal government gathering or on a “Thanks for the Funding” board outside an EU project. Even on license plates often covered or omitted by anti-EU people. Just returned from France- little sign there.

See the EU flag?? bloody hell it’s difficult enough trying to spot a Union Flag

One or two crosses of St George about currently. At least until 6pm this evening. :slight_smile:

I’m with chowder here. Off the top of my head, I can think of only a handful of (official) building that flow any flags. But on these, the German flag then is usually accompanied by the European, the Bavarian and the respective municipal flag.
At the moment, Black-Red-Gold is everywhere, of course.

When England win as I expect them to I imagine you will apologise for trying to
put the mockers on.
Honestly talk about bitter Scotsmen, you’ve never been the same since “Braveheart” :wink:

By the way, many revellers unknowingly use the Bundesdienstflagge. Strictly speaking, flying this flag is a misdemeanour.

What makes you think I’m Scottish. :smiley:
I happen to live there.
And I did say ‘at least’ until 6pm (6.45 with penalties).

My point was that these flags will disappear quickly after our success or failure, and return to their previous rarity.

The most flags I ever saw was in Dublin for the last world cup- green white and orange everywhere.

My take on the likely outcome of the World Cup- at this stage any one of the survivors can win. A lot now is down to chance- a slip here or a chance taken there will make all the difference. Anyone seriously predicting the outcome of the competition at this stage is unlikely to be taken seriously.

Sorry I assumed wrong, just looked at location and jumped to conclusions, I do that a lot y’know :smiley:

Well must go now, gotta take my flags down and off the car :frowning:

The only flags I can think of anywhere near me, excepting football-related ones, are English flags on church towers, and Union Jacks on the police station and local council building.

I did not see any EU flags while I was in France. I didn’t see a whole lot of French flags, either.

After I opened this thread, it occurred to me that maybe it only seems like I see the EU flag everywhere is that it’s flown on official type buildings (like the post office, or the city hall) and I live in a very small town. If I lived in a city, and was five miles from city hall, instead of two blocks, maybe it wouldn’t seem like so much. I can’t recall seeing so many EU flags when I was last in Sofia, for instance. Although I wasn’t really thinking about it at the time.

But from this thread, it seems like really no one flies them. Hm. Interesting.

Thanks for your responses!

They have a flag?

Who, the EU? Yeah, of course. It’s dark blue with a thirteen gold stars forming a circle.

Twelve stars I think you will find:

Bulgaria is not in the EU (yet). So that might account for nor seeing many EU flags.

Duh, I’m a goof.

Rayne Man, I’m aware that Bulgaria isn’t in the EU. That was the point of my question, wondering why there are so many EU flags in a country that’s not yet a member, and curious to know if the flags are so common in actual EU countries.

Sorry, misread you. Confused the " Can’t recall seeing so many" with “did not see many” :smack:

Bulgaria has been accepted for EU membership, with an anticipated join date of Jan 1, 2007, but there’s still one final vote that could push back the date. It depends on whether The Powers That Be determine that BG has made sufficient progress towards judicial reform, solving the organized crime problem, and improving the situation with the Roma minority. It looks like they’re doing pretty well: the May 2006 Monitoring report on the state of preparedness for EU membership of Bulgaria and Romania (PDF) seems pretty positive.

In light of the above, surely it wouldn’t be too surprising if Bulgarians are flying a greater proportion of flags than countries already in the EU, to show their “pep” and enthusiasm for what is going to be a massive change over the next few years. At Naturalization Ceremonies in the USA, new citizens are given little Stars and Stripes flags to carry – even though for some of them it might be the only time they ever hold one.

Kyla, given that EU membership is imminent, do you hear any chatter about when the Peace Corps will stop sending Volunteers to Bulgaria? Not that they wouldn’t still be useful, but I can see it might becoming something of a political issue, as it might be if the VSO had a program in Detroit.

Plenty of projects funded by the EU here in Northern Ireland, but our license plates in the UK are split into GB and NI plates, so no little EU stars on my car.

The only flag I’ve seen here in Belfast with the EU stars is infront of the information office in the city centre (which is branded as an EC information centre last time I looked…)