Eugene Goodman, do you know the name?

Eugene Goodman, do you know the name?
Eugene Goodman: know the name, honor the man.

THis undercover brother steered a mob away from the Senate Chambers–he’s a hero!

Yes, I know the name. Brave man, worth honoring.

Here’s a video of what he did, if I got the link right, with a former NYPD detective explaining some of what was remarkable about it.

Long story short, he used extremely savy tactics to get rioters to follow him away from the Senate chamber doors, and toward an area where backup was waiting for him.

There’s one bit in particular that is really remarkable, where rioters could have turned the other way and been at the chamber doors, but he very lightly pushes the guy in the lead, and then backs up, which gets the guy to follow him.

To be that clear-minded - when facing a mob - remarkable.


When I heard this story, I was a bit skeptical, I thought this was no doubt a brave guy but maybe people were trying to read too much into what happened. Seeing the video, I was wrong - it’s so clear that this was deliberate and skilful maneuvering to make the mob think he was backing away in defense of some important target he was defending behind him.

Does the cameraman - presumably another cop - deserve some credit too for the same thought process?

A bill was introduced today to award him a Congressional Gold Medal.

When I first saw this video, I was struck by the fact that these insurrectionists are the very same people who believe black people are intellectually inferior to white people. How are they going to explain how a large group of proud white “patriots” was outwitted by a single black man?

And he shoved that one guy, knowing that a white supremacist with a mob behind him would never take that, and would give chase, right into the trap.

Remarkable combination of brains and guts.

big brass ones.

I want this guy on my team. I don’t even care what my team is about to participate in, I want him on my team.

I’ve seen headlines and photos, but hadn’t read much further on what he did. Thanks for posting that video, it makes it clear what a great job he did that day. Glad to hear his heroism is being recognized.

Yes, thanks very much for the video!

A true American hero. I would feel small in his presence.

Amazingly quick-witted and clear-thinking. In his place, I’m quite sure I would run toward the people I was protecting, in order to, y’know, protect them. And in so doing, I’d get them all killed. Just incredible.

The person filming was a journalist, Igor Bobic, from Huffpost, who said Goodman protected him from running into the rioters.

Sorry that the link is to the Washington Post, but it’s where I read the story.

But he shoved him just lightly enough to also not start a brawl right there. Really remarkable.

A further story in the Washington Post today says that Pence was in the Senate Chamber as those insurrectionists were headed in that direction. Pence and his wife and daughter were hustled out of the chamber and into an office about one minute before that mob reached the first landing. So Goodman’s initial actions in slowing them down may have helped keep the path clear for Pence to be moved to a more secure location. And if they’d just rushed past him, they might have run right into Pence, his family, and his Secret Service detail.

I wonder what would have happened in that case (if the rioters were in the same room as the vice president)? I imagine the Secret Service detail would have their guns out and be willing to shoot to kill.

I am so glad to finally know his name. I was terrified for this officer when I first saw the video. A Black man, apparently alone, confronted with a dangerous white mob? Initially, I thought he had been inadvertently caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now I realized how incredibly brave and clear-headed he was. And I’m with @Snowboarder_Bo, I want this man on my team, no matter what team it is. And I’d like to shake his hand and buy him dinner. Definitely a hero.

I think almost certainly more dead insurrectionists, but possibly also more dire circumstances for Pence, depending on whether and how the mob was armed and determined to get him. I mean, if people were carrying zip ties to kidnap Pence, some of them might have been prepared to try to deal with his Secret Service protection. And we can also presume they would have been badly outnumbered.

I imagine that as soon as the Secret Service starting pulling out the big guns and shooting the first wave of insurrectionists, most of them would have woken up to the very real danger and turned tail.