Euphemisms for lesbian sex? (don't need answer fast))

This evening I realized I don’t know any euphemisms for sex between women. Men and women, covered. Masturbation? I could go for days… er, I mean, I know a lot of them. Man on man? Resources are abundant. I made a feeble halfhearted attempt at googling, came up empty, gave up, and came to the Dope to see what I could find. I assure you this does not fall under the category of trying to get you to do my homework, and is not intended for personal gratification. I simply seek to be a better smartass.

google scissoring

Also known as tribbing.

Clubbin’ the nubbin. Clouting the clam. Dialing “O” on the little pink telephone. Playing “Hello Kitty”, the home game. Paddling the pink canoe. Conducting some “lab” tests. Lip service. Curtain twitching. Polishing the pearl. Driving Miss Daisy. That’s just off the top of my head for female masturbation. Scissoring and tribbing (which dates back to at least 1791 (the term, presumably the practice was prior art)) are not. Lady loving ladies have got to have come up with something better in the meantime.

Tipping the Velvet. An excellent BBC TV series, if you can find it.

Eating at the Y

Not tonight dear.
Yes, I agree.

Sappho smiles.

Sharing the lipstick.

XXXX sex. (Quadruple x sex)

Fanny Frenchin’.

OP, to learn more, and if you are curious, go to: pornhub (omitted the .com intentionally)


No one mentioned “carpet munching”? I’m disappointed.

Or maybe it’s a sign of the times, now that no one has pubic hair anymore.

There’s the joke my wife told me – Lesbian carpenters are preferred.

No studs – all tongue-in-groove.

Muff Diving

Finger Friends

Tunafish Taco

Le’s be friends

lol at OP’s “don’t need answer fast”

I feel like many of the euphemisms that are being offered are just euphemisms for basic oral sex on a woman. There has to be something unique about the euphemism to indicate it’s two women lovin’ on each other.

“Sapphic love”?


Well, I did offer up “Sappho smiles” as a euphemism. As in, “They’re gonna go make Sappho smile.”

Clam digging

Making the Beast with Two Racks? (I just made that one up)

I’m gonna use it…what sort of royaties should I expect you to sue me for?