Eureka, 7/17/08

I haven’t much to say, but there ought to be a thread.

So, a return to form, after last weeks opener, which I just thought sucked. Fargo makes a mess, and all hell breaks loose. All’s right with the world.

Allison should have put her boots firmly into the General’s behind. And of course Fargo turned on the device. Most of the brains would have. They get a new gadget, they’ll see what it does and then take it apart to see how it does it.

To be honest, Nathan’s gift to Allison was much nicer and more appropriate than Jack’s. Nicely scripted - I totally fell for the red herring suspect, and the out-of-left-field surprise that Zoe laid on Jack at the end was perfect. Jo even got some good moments that highlighted that she is Jack’s better at many things. Maybe the “redemption” idea will finally seep into Henry’s brain, and he can stop being such a jackass.

My only issue with this episode…

They ‘clearly’ showed wannabee put the device in Fargo’s pocket… then later it was the archive guy that actually did it?

What am I missing or was that a gaffe?

I know that they determined that the archive guy had been stealing stuff, but I thought that was secondary to the wannabee’s actions.

You’d think that a computer system capable of doing inventory checks could do it ‘more often’.

The chase scene was fantastic!

“Thanks for killing me”

It wasn’t a gaffe. They never showed Wannabee anywhere near Fargo’s jacket. All we were shown was Wannabee exiting the Men’s Room, then a pan to Fargo in the stall. He exits, puts on his jacket, and discovers the device. We assumed it was put there by Wannabee, but it was never shown that he did it.

You’re correct… re-watched teh scene in question… thanks for the clarifcation.

Yeah, and if it took the system offline, they’d certainly schedule it to be done outside of business hours. But, well, you know…

He’s got some new evidence now, so he’ll be Detective Henry for the foreseeable future. I think the jackass thing was necessary to move the plot along, but I think it’ll end up with hugs all around. But I could be wrong.

Could someone please explain something to me about Henry’s memory of the alternate timeline from last season? Um . . . why does Henry have a memory of the alternate timeline?

If I remember correctly (heh), when Jack went back to stop Henry from preventing Kim’s death, the Henry in that timeline was very specific about there being just one chance to send one person’s consciousness back to their body right before the accident. That Henry didn’t go back. The Henry that Jack stopped had come back from a future timeline where Kim had died; he was trying to prevent it. The Henry that existed in the timeline from which Jack came did not return. The only reality the Henry character currently on the show should know would be of Kim’s tragic death and Jack’s preventing him from stopping it. He shouldn’t have any memory of a life together with Kim into the same timeline Jack was recalling, but he seems to be aware of the same things Jack was talking about.

This probably wouldn’t bother me as much if the writers weren’t apparently hanging their hats on this one point as a major character trait for Henry; if he’d wiped his own memory just like he wiped Jack’s I’d still be thinking, “well that shouldn’t have been necessary,” but at least he would no longer have memories he shouldn’t. Or have I missed something blatantly, embarrassingly obvious?

Will this episode be shown any time again before next week? I forgot to watch, dangit!

Nope. No reruns until after the next 5 episodes, according to the SciFi schedule.