Eureka 7/18

We now have the arcs of the second half of the season established: the race to Titan, the return of The Consortium, and the continuing saga of Zane&Jo.

Overall not a bad episode. I liked Felicia’s character, and the puzzle was intricate enough that I didn’t figure it out in the first 5 minutes.

Next week: the return of Wil!

I thought this was really good episode, except for the whole Allison storyline that seemed to be pointless until the last second.

I usually figure out what’s going on pretty early in the episodes, but this one had me guessing. It helps that they didn’t start with “We now have a master playlist that can be accessed by everyone in Eureka.” I was worried at first when Fargo basically committed attempted murder, and they were just gonna sweep it under the rug.

Imagine what would have happened if Carpe Diem had been playing “Love To Love You Baby” or “Sex(I’m A…)”.

I made the comment that Allison’s story was kind of odd and pointless, then they showed the flashback. I should know better than to make a comment until the show is actually over.

I experienced exactly this as well, which proves it was an excellently crafted episode. Keeping the formula while breaking the formula.