Eutychus55 Gets Pissy

I came to the realization this afternoon that I’ve been mentioned here in the Pit more times in the past week than in my entire career here. I’m not sure if that means that I’m finally turning evil or if you all just noticed that I was here.

Plus, I had a friend here tell me earlier on this week that the reason I didn’t post here too much was because she didn’t think I really had it in me to get pissy.

The worst thing I an think of to get pissy about right now is that they took Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts, probably nature’s perfect food, and put frosting on them! Completely unedible now and there’s only one small market around here that still sells them unfrosted!


There, is that pissy enough for you?

Stop it, yer scarin’ me…

I’m with you man, i say we take this shit to the streets and demand back that (what was it again?)

:::Upham rants off into the sunset singing “We’re not gonna take it”::::

I’m sick of your crap Euty why don’t you go fuck off, take those brown pop tarts, and stick them where the sun don’t shine.

Hey, I LIKE those brown cinnamon Pop Tarts with frosting…


Simple solution Euty.

Find some other tarts to pop!

Euty stop! I’m on the verge of tears here!

Why don’t you get pissy about the fact that when you were choosing your username, people had already chosen Eutychus1 - 54?
What’s the significane of the 55 at the end of that anyway?


Don’t think that I haven’t tried.

Crunchy Frog

I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill #56.

Even the fat-free ones now have that cement they call frosting on them!

Fucking disgusting.

I didn’t even know the Brown Sugar Pop Tarts ever didn’t have frosting. I love them. They are so sweet. Pop Tarts with frosting are what God gives to Angels when Angels don’t want Waffles and funnel cake for breakfast.

I can’t wait to be an angel. I love funnel cake. I will eat the other angel’s funnel cake when they are not looking. Perhaps even lick some of the sugar off their plates. Because those other stupid angels are always getting extra sugar, because God likes how they polish their wings. I will be damned if I am going to polish my wings every day! Well, I guess God could do that. But, more importantly I can get my heavenly funnel cake.

Oh and. I don’t know how anyone could be pissed at Euty. He has handsome. He gives out funnel cake. He like beautiful things. He is just like God, only he doesn’t make people polish their wings.


You call that a pissy rant? Maybe we should start calling you EutyPUSS…

Okay, I’ve seen a lot of offensive things around here, and kept my mouth shut. Racists, mysogynists, homophobes, Republicans. Hey, I’m a tolerant person, and everyone has a right to their opinion. But this is just beyond the pale.

Brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tarts WITH NO FROSTING?

Euty, you disgust me.

Euty, I completely agree with you on the pop-tarts issue. Frosting does not belong on the cinnamon/brown sugar variety. I always liked them the best because, strangely, I found them to be not as sweet as the fruity ones.

All you frosted fruity people can just piss off!

Torgo, I think what Eutypu- I mean Eutychus -meant to say was:

When the hell did unfrosted Cinnamon Pop Tarts become a black-market item? What do I have to do around here to get a decent Tart to melt in my mouth? And I don’t want a Tart with crap all over the top if it either - oh no, it’s a bare naked Tart for me or nothing! The next Tart I see with that so-called frosting shit spackled onto the top of it I’m marching right into the Pop Tart headquarters and shoving it up the ass of whoever made this horrendous decision - if I can pull his head out of it first, that is.

Not everyone wants that baby-shit brown colored crap ladeled over the top of our Tarts! Some of us like the dry stick-in-mouth feeling of an unfrosted Tart in our throats! Some of us enjoy the Tart sopping up all the saliva in our mouths and feeling like we’ve been eating crackers and sand!

Dammit I am so fucking pissed about this!

That’s what you meant to say, right Euty?

Euty, just so you know, by the official Moderator Pit Thread Contest rules, Pit threads about you have to be started by somebody else in order to count in your overall total.

You’ve changed man. It used to be about the posting.

Looks like DavidB is on to you Euty!
No fair starting your own rumors…

Can I help?
I’m not very brown, but I AM a tart, and I enjoy rumor-mongering.


You called my [SUB]VIRTUAL[/SUB] husband Euty a EutyPUSS!

No better way to get into a ramble!

(Who haaaaaates the pit)

I just posted about how wonderful Eutychus is, over in the current Friendship Appreciation thread in MPSIMS, and I come over to the Pit to find this? Not only does my beloved Euty think that Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts are “nature’s perfect food,” when in fact Strawberry Frosted Pop-Tarts KICK brown sugar cinnamon’s ASS, But he eats them unfrosted. You need help, my friend.

And you ain’t poppin’ this tart 'til ya get it! :wink:

I’ve just got a simple question here.

How do Pop-Tarts work?

I don’t mean “they get warm and you eat them.” How do they WORK? Just … not what do they do, but how do they work?