Ever Fire a Meat Cannon?

If so, I’d like to hear your thoughts on it. Me? Oh, yeah. Frightning and satisfying, I’d say, though the clean up is annoying and tedius. The plate-rattling WHUMP! is the best part, I think. You?

I got yer meat-cannon right here.

Or was that not what you meant? :confused: I’ve never managed to rattle the plates, although a few windows have been shaken.

You sure ? From over here it looks like a pee shooter ~

Dude, you’re talking about the Meat Cannon. I was talking about a Meat Cannon. A subtle distinction, yes, but significant nonetheless.

That’s just the fuse, man. You need to back up to see the whole thing. Back up. A little more. A little more. Keep going. And… A litt- stop. The you go. Better?

O.k. ! You got me… It was subterfuge . What’s a meat cannon ? And where might I aquire one ?

You know - it’s made of meat, it shoots meat, you microwave it. A Meat Cannon.

I’ve gotya meat cannon righere! :grabs crotch:

If you thought that was fun, next time ask have her take out her dentures.

I’m going to get this thread right the hell out of here.

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I fire my meat cannon at every opportunity. Sometimes I wish it had a longer fuse.

My mighty meat cannon launches tadpole yogurt.

When you say “meat,” are you talking that which came from a quadrupedal ruminant? 'Cos in Canada, we’ve got the Chicken Cannon.

Mine did years ago until I had the snip.

Now I fire blanks

Aw man, you can’t fire the meat Cannon.

So has the “Band Name” joke been overused, yet?

I was going to post here and then I saw this:

I just can’t top that.

Hey, “meat cannon” sounds like a euphemism for “penis”. Isn’t that funny?

…and “tadpole yogurt” sounds like a euphemism for “sperm”!

…Let it be known, I haven’t even clicked on any of the links yet. I shall now, with the utmost confidence that one won’t be a man dangler.

Oh no. I think it’s still apt.

A funny and not-quite related band name that’s out there is Anal Pudding, out of Buffalo, NY.