Ever get "Palinated?"

“Palinated” is the term I use to describe when you feel that some other person is micromanaging your behavior around others because they are concerned you will embarass them. Whether is is an accurate approximation on how Sarah Palin felt McCain’s campaign people treated her is irrelevant. I liked the word. Palinated. Kind of a touchy-feelier version of ‘alienated’.

Anyway, I got “Palinated” last night when I was invited to my friend’s family for Christmas. Last night I had a really nice time, bringing a cake (which they loved) talked to her relatives, asked about them and shared about myself in a way I thought was appropriate.

Apparently my friend was mortified :rolleyes: even though she invited me, most of the night she basically ignored me and hid in the kitchen. I helped her brother in law get a fire going, enjoyed eating tamales and flan, and listened to her nephew (who, as a 3-year old boy in a house full of aunties didn’t mind that some strange guy was over for christmas) as he told me all the things he got for christmas.

After I got home my friend called me and told me all the things I did wrong. It was a long phone call. I seriously started to wonder why the hell she invited me in the first place, if it was such an ordeal. I’m not exactly sure what the hell she was expecting of me, but she she seriously acted with the same mortified embarassment as a 16-year old girl going to the Prom with her uncle.

With my family, if I invite someone along, and they do something embarassing, I won’t actually bring it up with them later unless a family member makes a negative comment to me about their behavior. Otherwise, if its not worth them mentioning, its not worth me mentioning and if there’s anything more embarassing than someone being a little socially clueless in someone else’s family, its someone who is simply trying to hard to fit in with people they do not know.

So exactly what, in her mind, were these egregious faux pas you committed?

And what exactly did you share that you thought was appropriate?

By your definition, anyone who had been “Palinated” really ought to be striving to figure out why everyone’s persecuting them for acting like a two-toned flaming idiot on wheels, but will probably blame things on someone else.

So you’ve got the blaming-someone-else part down, would you like to post some excerpts from your upcoming book explaining the details of the encounter?

My friend’s former brother-in-law apparently angrily snatched back the gifts he gave to my friend’s children – both under 7 years old – tossed them in his car and drove away in a snit on Christmas eve. As far as I am considered, that’s where the bar for embarrassing holiday behavior has been set.

Agreed. But if “helping her brother-in-law get a fire going” means Incubus used said BIL as kindling, that’s a different matter.