Ever had a creature OTHER than a dog try to hump you?

Though it should be obvious, just for the sake of absolute clarity, this does not include humans.

Once when I was a kid the neighbor’s cat tried to do it with my leg. Other than that, it’s only been dogs for me. I wonder if it’s just a dog thing.

Needless to say, I’ve never reciprocated.

There is nothing more reviling than a horny housecat.

We had a cockatiel that was quite amorous once. It wasn’t so much “humping”, but resembled drunken booty-dancing.

I had a dream one night that someone had tied my legs together at the ankles. I woke up and one of our neutered male cats was humping my feet. We don’t leave the bedroom door open at night anymore.

I can’t see this thread in this forum. Sorry, I tried.


I spurning your dog.

My brother was humped once by a Barbary ape.

I had a girlfriend once that…what?

Oh. Well, she was kind of a dog. Does that count?

Intoxicated college girls.

Hal Briston come on down

We had a parakeet that was hot for my finger. “drunken booty dance” indeed.

And he’d make the most explicit little grunts.

Occupational hazard. My two personal favotites:

I once examined a cockatiel that was brought in by a woman with several young children. She wasn’t the brightest bulb on the tree. She described what the bird was doing, and I told her the bird was masterbating. Her reply was, “Huh?”. Her 8 year old son said, “He’s beating off mom”. Then she understood.

There was a girl in my veterinary school class who got slapped across the face hard by an erect horse penis. Left an ugly red welt. She was assisting with an equine artificial insemination when the stallion’s salami swung sideways. (by the sea shore). :wink:

Wow, vetbridge, normally you have to pay to see that second one.

Or, uh, so I’ve heard.

Other than dogs.


There was a girl in my veterinary school class who got slapped across the face hard by an erect horse penis. Left an ugly red welt.


The great guns have come out early in the thread, I see…

Why would anyone want to artificially inseminate a male horse? I guess that’s why the stallion was so pissed.

[thread hijack] Just out of curiosity, just how hung is the average horse, anyway? [/th]

Umm…like a horse, usually.

My leg has been intimately violated by a rabbit. What are you supposed to do? If you try to shake it off you feel like you’re somehow participating!

Know the term Louisville Slugger?

I’m sensing the sarcasm there, but for anyone who’s really wondering, the…um…contribution has to (pardon the pun) come from somewhere.

The Scrivener, I would google “horse penis length” and see what I could find for you, but I really don’t want that in my history.