Ever have a feeling of accomplishment, no matter how slight?

I took my car to get a set of tires today. I also requested a brake inspection. They told me my brakes were good, but recommended a wheel alignment while they were putting on the tires. The price was reasonable, about what I expected to pay (actually less, because the alignment cost less than a brake job would have), and I was out of the shop in a little over an hour. The car drove well on the way home, and I felt a little safer with the new rubber on the road.

Life’s great, at least today. :slight_smile:

Totally. I feel a sense of accomplishment with everything from doing my laundry to taking a shit.

I always feel like such a hero for going to the post office. It’s only 3 blocks away but I’m such a procrastinator I always feel a huge sense of accomplishment for getting that particular monkey off my back.

I have a nice burst of accomplishment after going to the gym or sending off a translation, but after especially major effort, I have a disappointing lack of triumph, just a feeling of “oh God, that’s done, I hope I don’t have to do it again for a really long time.”

Sometimes, I try to have al little achievable goal for first thing in the morning, so I have a sense of accomplishment for the whole day. Cleaning the catbox is good for that, as is going to the gym.

Getting to work every day, cause I really don’t want to get up.