Everyday gripes in haiku

Due to the nature of my gripe, I don’t think I can get out anything more than three-line haiku, so here goes:

Watered down coffee
It doesn’t even taste good
Where is the caffeine?

My haiku-writing skills aren’t all that great even when I am fully conscious :slight_smile: Anyone else care to share?

ARGH! I previewed and I didn’t even notice I misspelled the !@#!@#ing title. Damn you watered down coffee, my arch-nemesis! NOOO!

Reach for receiver
Answer it on the third ring
Grip firmly, say hi.

Keyboards click and clack
Vast expanse of cubicles
Why not kill myself?

The sun gleams on unfolding leaves
My work is unending
I am inside

Snow falls silently -
All in my apartment is
Inches-deep with dust.

Dog must go outside
Conversely, she must come in -
A relentless loop

The afternoon wanes
I have done nothing today
Straight Dope: my downfall

Drains are moving slow.
Sewer line backing up. sigh
Time to call plumber.

What is wittenscape?
Why do we say what we say?
Who knows what I mean?

More student complaints.
They want points for wrong answers.
“No way,” I tell them.

I should do lab work,
But it’s boring and endless.
I no longer care.

My neighbor’s a freak.
She has drunken fights outside
With her ex-girlfriend.

I have things to do,
But haiku are addictive.

No one wants my class.
Maybe I should promote more?
Worcester people bite.

Damn XP install.
Bill, I want my money back.
Better get Red Hat.

Exchange server down.
Move to Notes? No, it sucks too.
Sendmail insecure.

Crap, meeting again?
Boss likes to hear her own voice.
Coffee my best friend.

Oh joy, oh rapture!
My coffee is not dillute
But it still tastes bad

Traffic moves slowly.
Ev’ry traffic light is red.
Damn! I’m late again!

Do not want to talk to them.
Get off my phone, now!

A boring meeting,
Just like all the rest of them.
I want to go home!

Water everywhere
My feet feel like limp sponges
Damn my shoes to hell

My dog Max makes poo.
Then, gobbles it up. Should I
name him “Raymond Burr”?

I must make him stop.
I’m thankful I don’t own a
glass coffee table

Windows Messages, in Haiku:
Windows Outlook has crashed.
I am the blue screen of death.
No one hears your screams.

Three things are certain:
Death, taxes, and lost data.
Guess which has occurred?

Yesterday it worked.
Today it is not working.
Windows is like that.

Waiting to eat lunch
Sandwich has gotten soggy
Who wants this lunch now?

Coffee maker broke
Though plugged in and switched to “ON”
No dripping ensues