Evil goodbyes

Today at the mall I was witness to what had to of been a messy break up of a couple.
I did not pay a great deal of the conversation, yet it seems that I walked in hearing distance to catch the final verbal blow.
“So long and thanks for the STD” :eek:

What nasty goodbye barbs have you heard or dished out in a moment of anger fear or stupidity?

I was in a Chinese restaurant one time and could overhear the couple in the booth behind me. They were in their late 40’s, blue collar, and apparently had been dating for about a year.

She had found out that he had fooled around on her. She started laying into him and her repeated line was, “And you fucked her.”

Each time she repeated it a little louder. It never got beyond a loud voice, but by the 15th time, everyone in the restaurant was keeping their head down and watching her out of the corner of their eye. None of the staff would even come near them. You could hear every word she said, and his mumbled replies. And then she’d say, "And you . . . "

She finally stood up and left. I swear people looked like they either wanted to give her a standing ovation or a hug. The guy slunk out a couple of minutes later.

I thought this thread was going to be about having to kiss various boring relatives a protracted and boring goodbye, only to finally leave and realise you’ve left your keys on the table…

A few years back, I was taking a smoke break. I headed for the side door that looked out over the parking lot, looked through the small window, and decided to just stay there for awhile.

Across the lot, by the street, a couple were having a talk. They had been in a car and they had stopped, gotten out, and decided to continue it sidewalkside.

Actually, she was doing the talking. He was standing there, sulking, hands in his pockets and not looking at her.

I could see her face. She was vigorously offering a proposition. I couldn’t hear it, but I assumed from her expression of righteous indignation that she was developing a theme about the man’s character, looks, intelligence and bedability, areas in which he was completely lacking.

It must have built to a crescendo. He may have said something. She may have wanted to drive her points home. Anyway, she upped and smacked the living ---- out of his face. :o

Then she did it again. :eek:

What I found most amazing was that he looked to be over six feet tall, and she about five-foot-three. But he took it without a murmur.

Then they got into their car and drove off . . .

I think the worst was this poor guy who was obsessed with one girl (who’s a bit of a witch, but I’ll ignore that) and basically she asked him out when she found out that her bf had been cheating on him, and he was presumably really happy. Then she found out that her boyfriend actually hadn’t cheated. So she told her little revenge toy that it was a joke when she asked him out. I could’ve slapped her, since I know what it’s like to be hopelessly in love and how happy I’d be if she asked me out and so on…

By ‘he was really happy’ I was referring to revenge toy, not her boyfriend.

Well, not at all proud of this:

After a nice little blow up a few years ago between myself and live-in SO, she screamed that she was leaving me and I could go f**k myself.

My response? “Well, there goes my maid service”

I should also point out that she didn’t leave, and I did apologize.