Evil poutine

Story here. A 15 year old girl suffered an epileptic seizure in a KFC, landed in her poutine and suffered second-degree burns to her face.

Somewhat surprisingly, the father is not suing.

Would turning the temperature down risk undercooking the food? And lead to bigger issues?

Usually food must be kept at 140F or more, hot enough to burn.

Not so surprising, they’re Canadian.

Since we don’t rack up five-figure medical bills, we tend not to sue for medical damages.

I wish my KFC had poutine. Even if it was evil.

At this point I thought that ‘poutine’ was a word the sort of meant ‘chicken’ in French. What is it?


Also, you have poutine. Poutine = happiness. Except when it causes horrible burns, I guess.

Whoa! So it’s pretty much chips/cheese/gravy which is a common dish here in the Isle of Man :smiley:

Who can I write to at KFC to get them to serve poutine down here?

On a positive note, this is another reason to take our second honeymoon in Canada again.


Yes, but for it to be proper poutine you need fresh fresh cheese curds that squeak when you bite them. Yum!

Warning! Any American planning to eat poutine should consider a prophylactic coronary bypass or at least an angioplasty.

Get thee hence, philistine! You will have to pry our cheesy, beefy, french fried artery bombs from our cold, dead, corpulent hands.

My sister has decided that vegetarian poutine is the way to go…I still don’t know how one makes veggie gravy.

Roast Tofu drippings!

I’m torn between shouting, GROSS!!! and BAND NAME!!! :smiley:

I have been a non-meat eater for 15+ years and there are a few very tasty canned mushroom gravies (with no beef broth added) on the market.

I usually punch it up with a bit of garlic salt, maybe a dash of hot sauce or worcestershire sauce, etc. but it’s really great on yorkshire pudding, stuffing, mashed potatoes…

Just because I don’t want to eat meat dosen’t mean I can’t enjoy foods usually served with gravy.

ETA—I am going to give poutine with mushroom gravy a shot one of these days, and will report on my taste-test then!!!

Y’all are missing the point.

KFC poutine is not poutine, because KFC gravy is not gravy. It’s a lardy disgusting mess of thickened chicken drippings. Urk.

Personally, I’m half tempted to sue KFC for defaming the honourable name of poutine by slapping it on their travesty of a foodstuff.