Evil TV Show - anyone watching

Does anyone here watch the show “Evil”? Its first season was on CBS and the second season is on Paramount Plus.

It’s about a team of investigators that works for the Catholic church. One is becoming a priest, and the other two are atheists. The team is priest, psychologist and technologist, to put it simplistically. They look for non-religious reasons for odd events. As time progresses, so does the pace of strange things that happen to the characters themselves.

I really like it. We went back and re-watched Season 1 before we started Season 2. There were a lot of little clues to future events during that season that we completely missed the first time around.

If anyone else is watching, I would love to discuss it here. Apologies if there’s an earlier thread. I looked but did not see one.

I loved the first season and am very disappointed that it’s no longer on CBS. I refuse to pay for more streaming.

We had subscribed to the channel earlier to see Picard and a few other things. We keep saying we’ll cancel when we’re not watching, but so far they’re doing a good job of keeping us. They do have trials, so you could sign up, watch the season, and then cancel. Of course, that’s how they hooked us in with Picard…

Enjoyed S1. I was looking for something to watch on Netflix while on the elliptical a couple years ago that was entertaining enough to make the time pass, but not too complicated plot-wise. S1 of Evil fit the bill perfectly. Had a quirky charm to it. That’s a shame that it’s on Paramount Plus now. As TRC4941 says…

nm - stupid phone screen rotated on me while I was typing.

What I was trying to say, before my phone prematurely posted…

It’s not just paying for more streaming. Although that’s part of it - I’m already subscribed to four different streaming services. But isn’t Paramount+ just a rebranded “CBS All Access”? I never heard one good thing about All Access and am especially reluctant to throw money at that one.

But yeah, I thought season 1 was great.

You guys are killing me :weary:

we watch - we have this weeks episode queued up for tonite.

Season 2 has been great -

When we re-watched Season 1, we started noticing all of the places the color red shows up and what it’s associated with. The main association it seems to have is with the Grandmother. A lot of her actions Season 1 don’t seem so benign on re-watching. I am dying to know what’s up with her doll too.

Favorite scene so far? Leland and his psychiatrist. :smiley:

I fucking love this show.

That said, not a fan of that lady’s kids though. Thankfully, their scenes are limited.

I’m torn between when Kristen took Leland down a notch and when the Grandmother broke up with him.

My favorite episode at this point is still last years halloween episode.

What do you mean beth’s not here - she’s just upstair…

I’ve had Paramount Plus for over a year now and have paid $0. Every month they have new codes for a 30-day free trial so I just wait til my current month expires and then reactivate my account with the new code for another free month. If anyone wants to sign up apparently the current 30 day trial is PAWVALPAK.

“Evil” is such a crazy show! I really have no idea where it’s heading. It seems to be leaning way more into the supernatural being real in season 2, and I kind of liked the more ambiguous feeling of season 1. But it’s just so bonkers and I don’t know if certain things are meant to be seen as hallucinations or if we are supposed to take them as real. The creepiest episode was the one with the sub-basement.

…Evil Season Two is the most WTF show in the history of WTF shows on television.

The latest episode had me saying “WTF” probably about seven or eight times.

The absolute magical thing about the show is that the line between what is and isn’t real, what is and isn’t supernatural, what is and isn’t a dream, what is and isn’t demonic…the balancing game they are playing is just unreal. It’s a show that just takes you along for the ride. It subverts all expectations.

Season one was great. Season two is absolutely off-the-charts good.

The unsung hero of the show is the sound design. Its just a magnificent show to just listen to.

…that episode is one of my favourite hours of television.

The discovery of the bodies was heartbreaking, followed by the realization that soon…he was going to be joining them. It just punched me in the heart.

The basement was very creepy.

This week’s episode was definitely WTF. For instance, WTF was up with the “influencers”?

and WTF is up with Vanessa? And her sister?

And WTF is up with Lexis and her tail?

Yes! And her teeth!

Also, I really thought Sheryl had a demonic connection already, but I guess not. WTH would she go anywhere with Leland? What was going on with those other women on the trays? One was the doctor, but there were a few others in the same room. Which reminds me - if the same doctor helped Olive as helped Matthew, will Olive also have similar issues?

What’s up with Kristen’s missing egg? I still don’t understand why she was going to a fertility clinic at all, when she had all of the other kids without a fertility clinic.

I keep meaning to bring up the “cursed song” from the first season. My husband was humming it in his sleep the other night. :scream:

…so much WTF LOL.

It took me WEEKS to get that song out of my head. And guess what is now stuck in my head?

So I’m going to inflict it on everyone else LOL

(Contains spoilers Evil S1 E10)

We’re watching episode 11 right now. W.T.F? The drip? The drill? My husband thinks it’s a shapeshifter, but I’m not sure.