evolution of hot sauces.. will they get hotter??

ok there’s like these super hot sauces with the scoville unit thing and like almost toxic causing death on some of these… dammit when will they cool it with that and realize it’s like poison!! The question is… well when will they relax and realize it’s not fun anymore and people’ll get hurt with this shit!! I mean… c’mon… it’s not fun anymore here…

like for god’s sakes… look at this site… there’s even like t-shirts… saying… sudden death… death sauce… like fuck… cool down ok!!!


that’s what it reminds me of… the guiness thing… and where it’s like they had to stop recording categories cause they flew off the handle and people were actually dying.

that’s right… last post about this… quit it before somebody dies ok?

it’s all fun and games until somebody eats too much bulls eye bbq sauce ok!??.

Lol… ha… april fools… I’m just joking… if these buffoons wanna burn their stomachs… that’s their problem. If they die that might just be one less chump in front of me making me wait at the grocery store checkout, so that’d be a good thing.

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“Wolf Ass” is Probably an Understatement For This Stuff

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