Excel question

Anyone a whiz on excel?
I can’t get it to recognize that I want my tables printed like A b and c etc. . It seems to want to print column a and then column C after and I cant have the sorted file printed right.

I cant figure out where I choose the thing that fixes this to make the print preview right.
Could “print preview” have a bug in it that makes it give bad results?

I’m pretty good at Excel, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what you are asking. Why don’t you tell us, step by step, what you are trying to do and where Excel isn’t doing what you want to do.

If it’s trying to not print column b at all, it sounds as if at some point you defined a “printing area” which does not include it.

Print Preview is supposed to match the output on paper. The most common reasons for it NOT matching are incorrect or outdated print drivers, and not having the correct paper size in the printer.

OK. You want it to print columns A, B, and C…

…but it’s only printing columns A and C, and it isn’t printing column B at all. Am I right so far?

What does sorting have to do with it?

Is the problem only in Print Preview? Have you tried actually printing the spreadsheet?

It seems to me that you’re saying that Column B does not show up in Print Preview, and probably also doesn’t show up when you print. That makes me suspect that Column B may be hidden. Can you see Column B when you’re editing the spreadsheet? If not, move the cursor up to the line between the headings of columns A and C, and right-click. A menu will pop up, and the last option in that menu should be “Unhide.” Click that, and see if it fixes the problem

Or are you saying that Print Preview is only showing column A on the first page, and columns B and C are on later pages? That would mean that your columns are too wide. If that’s the case, then go to editing mode, grab the right edge of the column A heading, then left-click and drag it to the left to make it narrower. The text in the cells will wrap around, but that’s all right. Do this to each of the columns until they all fit on the page. (There will be a vertical dotted line between columns to show you where the page ends.)

You might also try using a smaller font to make the columns narrower.

highlight all the area you want printed. click on Page Layout, then Print Area, then Set Print Area.

If when viewing in Print Preview it isn’t showing all columns then you need to do one or more of the following things:

-make the columns smaller until they fit
-change the margins so it all fits
-scale the printed area until it fits.