Excuse me stuyguy, get back in your box.

In this thread, jjjfishe wrote the following

to which a clearly not right thinking stuyguy replied with this little gem

jjjfishe put this

and I put this

at this point stuyguy responded with this

Now, I’m putting this here to further avoid hijacking the thread. So here goes.

Did you read her post? How did you get out of it that she made guys feel small and foolish. Hell, if they felt that way it was their own fault. They aproached the women. You ever heard of the phrase “ask me no questions I’ll tell you lno lies”. Well the men aproached them. They asked them, and the women lied. So what?!? Who doesn’t tell small little white lies while in bars. Theirs just happened to be funny enough that anyone with a third of a brain could see through it. Could you be bitter because you’re the type of person who’d be taken in by this? At least she didn’t act like a fucking little spineless coward like you have.

Personally, I think only an idiot would believe these girls anyway… and idiots get what they deserve!
I would love to meet some pretty girls at a club telling me about some insane profession they are obviously making up off the top of their head. It shows they are spontaneous and creative and playful. I would be laughing my ass off and encouraging it by asking more detailed questions like, “So what happens when a main pipe breaks?” And see how extemporaneous she is!!
I don’t see anything wrong with what they did!
Maybe stuyguy is just sexually frustrated or maybe some girl told him she was a rich doctor just so he would sleep with her.

I personally think it’s hysterically funny. A pipelayer! A carnie?? ::snort::

A cruel, mindfucking idiot? Please! Talk about sensitive…
To me, that’s like a guy that I introduce myself to saying he’s a seamstress or something. Who the hell cares?


Well over here that sort of thing is called “having the craic” . It’s just a piece of fun.

It seems stuyguy takes things way to seriously and also doesn’t really have a clue how to have fun. Anybody with an a sense of humour and a bit of commonsense would see that that situation could be fun and also a good way to impress a girl with your own wit.

The terms icebitch girlfriends and *mind-fucking idiot women * says a lot about his POV when it comes to women .

They were in a bar to have fun you fucking idiot and if you’re to stupid to see that’s all they were having may you enjoy you’re humourless single life :rolleyes:

Thanks Oldscratch, Bear_Nenno, and Zette.
Stuyguy was starting to make me feel so completely horrible.
Most of the guys we said that to did catch on. We choked at some of their questions. The guys knew more than we could make up on the spot. So we ended up looking like the idiots… but we didn’t care.
I’d like to know how many people actually met their future husband at a club. I have never taken club people seriously. I guess I’ve never given any of them a chance…
The guys I’ve talked to at clubs all have similar interests in getting layed that night.
Maybe I just attract the wrong ones at clubs but I prefer to meet men elsewhere.

Nah, you are pretty much right on jjjfishe. And good for you for making up outrages occupations. Give 'em a challenge. Make them work for that dance.

Here is a funny one you can use in the future, it was actually used on me - “I’m a prostitute, but today is my day off, so I’m just here to dance.”

I don’t think you were being mean either.

StuyGuy, I am into body art, to a point. I wear a small jewel just below the eyebrow on the right side. I wear it every day, and have for a few years now. Many times I am approached by people who want to believe that this is a piercing and it’s sooo cool, and can they check it out? I tell most people that it is like a small fish hook and just hooks right into the skin. They believe it. It’s not pierced at all, I use a body safe glue. But they want to believe it, I swear. I could put the back of an earring on the other side of my head and tell people it was pierced all the way thru and there would be people that would just say “didn’t that hurt?”.

Am I being mean to them? It’s exactly what jj was doing, only in a different setting.

This is interesting. Back in the day I used to tell people at clubs that I was a trucker for Tyson’s Chicken. Just as a gag, and to see how they would respond. Most caught on before I erupted in laughter. Nonetheless, it doesn’t sound like JJ was doing it with the intent to harm anyone’s feelings, just having a bit of fun. That is what you’re supposed to do when you go out right? Have fun?
OTOH, I have seen a lot of people, mostly girls but not all, at clubs who feel that, because they’re not there to meet anyone, it gives them the right to be assholes to people when approached. They can rot in hell for all I care. Perhaps stuyguy has ran into too many of these types.

Either way stuyguy, you’re out of line.

Sure, Stuyguy was out of line in that forum. However, he does have just as much right to voice his opinon as any one of us does. And, contrary to what appears to be popular belief, he is also allowed to read a paragraph the way he sees it. Different people perceive things in different fashions. My perception of occurances is based upon prior experience. The breakdown in communication is obviously that two different people had different points of reference.

If you cannot see that, then fine. That’s your perception. Mine does not matter to this thread, or to you, I’m sure. But, it’s mine, and I voiced it.

It sounds like stuy_guy had a stick up his ass.

I used to be into the club scene big-time when I was single. I would meet chicks like Demo is talking about, who were not there to meet people, so when a guy said hi, they’d give him an ugly expression and snort before rolling their eyes and ignoring him. Those cunts can suck my ass.

But I also met plenty of chicks who would act like jjj seems to have been. You would talk to them and they would smile and giggle and tell you about how they were a skydiving instructor or and deep-sea welder on off-shore oil rigs, or some other Hollywood occupation like that.
I found that when you responded in kind, that you ended up laughing and having a good time, trying to out-do one another with tall tales. It was a great fuckin’ time. I always had a blast.

One time this girlie told me that she was a buyer for bars and restaurants. She explained that she went all around the country and sometimes the world and bought all the shit you see hanging off the walls in restaurants.
I told her that I was a code-breaker for the NSA. I had a knack for cracking code and deciphered top-secret classified shit.

Another time a chic told me she was a clerk in the library of Congress. I told her I designed logos for fast food containers like cups and wrappers and happy-meal boxes and shit.
The list goes on and on:

Her: Car-crusher operator in a junk-yard
Me: Elvis impersonator

Her: Foot model
Me: Color-blindness test tester

Her: Traveling Gatorade PR rep
Me: Door-knob design artist

Her: Heavy front-end loader driver in a strip mine.
Me: Heavy front-end bouncer in strip club.

This sort of shit would happen all the time, and it was great.

Like Mr. C said, I think that

“What we have here is… failure to communicate.”

I really hope it’s always like this. My girlfriend and I want to go to a club and pretend we’re single so we can hook up with each other later in the night.
I want to talk to some girls who are just there to have some fun and aren’t looking to meet any meat, you know? Just have some fun with a cool person, escaping reality without gettin’ knee-walkin’ drunk?
That’ll be cool.

Stuyguy, you take the bar scene way too seriously. It’s all about fun and games. People usually go to bars to relax, socialize, and\or get laid. So dude, chill out and play along–have a good time, and maybe get some.


Now if I ever catch you trying to start stuff with my sweet lil laminated listee (jjj:)), I’m gonna have to smack ya 'round with my ignorance paddle, and then I’ll pay some doof to stook ya sideways!


Well, lookee here. A whole thread devoted to my post in the “rejection” thread. Oldscratch, you’ll make me famous yet!

Gee, so much to respond to… I’m going to hit a few key points which occurred to me as I read this. Here goes:

  1. First and foremost, let none of you defenders of jjj lose sight of the fact that you’re defending a self-confessed liar. I don’t mean that to sound over-dramatic, but it really is as the very foundation of this discussion. If you’re comfortable with that, let’s move on.

  2. jjj, I’ve got a question about some things you wrote in your post, namely:

“I don’t really know why we did this… I guess it’s a little cruel.” And: “I’ve grown up since then and learned the error of my ways.”

It sounds like even YOU think you did something wrong. Yes? So, since Bear_Nenno, Zette, yojimbo and xizor seem to think you are utterly blameless, I hope that you will correct them in their mistaken opinion.

  1. Regarding the “outrageous occupations” that so many of you find transparently bogus… maybe in the provincial burgs where you guys come from, female construction workers and male seamstresses are far-fetched, but let me assure you, where I live they are not. Maybe that’s why so many of you are so quick to defend jjj, because saying a woman is a pipelayer is as utterly absurd as saying she’s from Jupiter.

But, my point of reference is different. To give you an example, a hot, cute miniskirt-wearing former colleague of mine was… a zookeeper. No shit. She told me all sorts of – utterly true – stories about feeding elephants and dealing with bears. I also know a friend of a friend who is a full-time toy inventor. Another friend of mine wrote one Broadway musical and has another scheduled to open next year. People like these – who all you jjj defenders would think are blowing smoke up your ass – are very common here in NYC. In fact, I could probably list a half dozen things I’ve done MYSELF that would have some of you walking away calling me a bullshit artist. Yet they’d all be true.

And one more thing, jjj. When you go pulling some guy’s chain about being a pipelayer, what does that do to the credibility of some woman who actually IS one? I bet you wouldn’t have the nerve to claim that you were, say, a wounded war vet, especially if your father was one. It would be sort of an insult to him, right? Well, I’ll bet a REAL female pipelayer has to put up with some serious macho hazing shit so she can feed her kids. But thanks to you, she’ll get laughed off the next barstool because “everyone knows there no such thing as a woman pipelayer.”

  1. Now, oldscratch (I really DO like your name. Devil’s advocate and all, eh?), you seem to think that strangers – only by virtue of the fact that they are strangers – are not entitled to be told the truth. (You wrote “They asked them, and the women lied. So what?!?”) If this is REALLY how you feel, let’s close this thread right now because we’ll never agree.

I, however, feel, if there is no risk to myself or others, strangers are entitled to be told the truth – whether asking me for the time, or directions, or even what I do for a living. (Under your “ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies” policy you’d have no quams misdirecting a lost tourist down the wrong street, I suppose.)

If I was uncomfortable with a stranger’s question – as jjj is entitled to feel when guys approached her – I would not lie; I’d change the subject, or say it’s none of their business. But that’s not what jjj did; as I said before, she made sport out of their ignorance.

  1. As for the whole “hey, it’s a bar – anything goes, lies be damned” attitude… I personally find it repugnant (the attitude, not the bar!). Let’s face it, bars (parties and clubs, too) are very major male-female interactivity spots. Dishonesty poisons the already-stressful relationship between the sexes. To make it excusable in the number one meeting venue can only make a bad situation worse.

  2. Lastly, a lot of the excuses being made on jjj’s behalf concern the question of harm, and the degree of harm… namely, that the dupes were not insulted, or that they were not insulted very much. (Oldscratch seems to feel that even if they were, screw 'em – it’s their own fault. Oldscratch, there seems to be no hope for you, I’m afraid.)

I think all of you – especially jjj – should think long and hard about this before you conclude that no harm was done. Read this board. Read the original “rejection” thread. Read about how people feel when they found out that someone asked them out on a date on a dare – THIRTY YEARS AGO. Or when someone called them ugly. Or fat. And not just by classmates, or coworkers, but by total strangers – who they still remember because of one mean comment.

When you’re through with those, read the thread by the terrified guy who wanted our advice about how to muster up the courage to ask a girl out. Then imagine that he gets up the courage – and you’re the girl, jjj.

NOW do you think it’s harmless to fuck with his head?

I actually met my husband at a nightclub/bar. He didn’t hit on me, though. We were just talking, as we happened to have a mutual aquiantance. Actually, he didn’t hardly say anything, he was too shy.

Back to the OP, I also think Stuyguy was seriouly over reacting. If jjjfishe and her friends were trying to be bitchy I am sure they could come up with something better. It sounded to me like they were actually engaging in conversation, not just blowing guys off summarily.
Stuyguy also obviously has no idea what it’s like to get hit on repeatedly. I used to wish I had a large sign to wear on my head saying NO THANKS, I’M NOT INTERESTED. I always tried to be polite but sometimes at the end of the night I just wanted to scream “Fuck off, you drunk, ugly stupid pervert/fratboy/squid. Why the hell do you think I’d go home with a complete stranger? Do I look like a mentally incapacitated slut?”
And what is up with the “I used to do mean thing to women, but because that’s ok because I had good intentions” bullshit. You are an asshole and I hope more women cut you down to size. Maybe you should worry about your own shortcomings before you jump on jjjfishe.
So there.

Lunasea, you wrote:

“And what is up with the “I used to do mean thing to women, but because that’s ok because I had good intentions” bullshit. You are an asshole and I hope more women cut you down to size. Maybe you should worry about your own shortcomings before you jump on jjjfishe.”
Let’s get something straight: I NEVER said what I’ve done was okay. If I hurt someone, it was a terrible thing.

And if I intentionally toyed with someone’s emotions – as I believe jj has – it would be terrible thing too. But, I think I can honestly say that I have an entirely clear conscience on that score.

And rest assured, Luna, I do worry about my shortcomings every day.

Yeesh, Stuy, you must be a politician or a lawyer…

It comes down to this… while out on the town, she had some fun. So she didn’t stick to the ol’ straight and narrow… what harm was done? She didn’t toy with someone’s emotions, she didn’t break any hearts… oh horrors!! Some random high school punk that she’ll never see again walks away from the conversation thinking that she’s a maintenance worker!!! Oh, the humanity!

In short… are you in any position to say that she did a horrible thing? No, you are not. Are you in any position to say “You did something wrong”? No, you are not. Are you in any position to make unwarranted assumptions about her lifestyle and/or experiences? No, you are not.

So, that being said, why are you acting like such an asshole over this, hmm? Could it be that you’re just an… nah, that can’t be it, can it?

Get over it! It’s called a “joke”. Look into it.


My opinion is exactly that- MY opinion. It is not a mistake. Oh, and since we’re in the pit- bugger off! Here’s a dollar- go buy a sense of humor.


I agree stuyguy was harsh. But isn’t it kind of cold and mean to have a laugh at a guy’s expense because he makes the critical mistake of expressing interest in you?

Some people occasionally go to clubs not just to dance, but to meet people. Because signs aren’t worn discerning the two groups, you could kindly let a person know which group you are in without lying to them and potentially humiliating them.

Thank God you aren’t the person I talked to as referenced in this recent MPSIMS thread, jjj.

I’ve been idly lurking this thread. My first opinion upon reading the OP was that yes, Stuyguy was being too harsh on JJJ, and that yes JJJ had just been dabbling in some relatively harmless fun.

Then I read Stuyguy’s rebuttal. Now I am of the opinion that Stuyguy is an idiot.

I think Spoofe hit the nail on the head. JJJ didn’t emasculate anybody. In fact, in some way’s she was actually “flirting” {gasp}, the little tart. When I was single, when approaching a woman in a bar, I would much rather enter into a conversation about fictional occupations, than to be told “fuck off, loser.” - That’s emasculation.

If you are really in such a twist over this, Stuyguy, I’d recommend medication.

stuyguy what did **jjjfishe ** say to imply that she was fucking with guys heads . The girls were joking with them . It’s implied in her own post that she and her friends thought that it was obvious that it was a joke and that they were not even that good at it .

Now if she said that she liked playing with poor schmoe’s who are trying to pick her up by making fun of them then you might have a point but that’s not what was said .

You also may think that the world should be a place where everyone has to be anal about their honesty , no joking , exaggerating while flirting , little white lies etc . If you do think that then we live on different pages and we will never see eye to eye .

You can take you patronising "maybe in the provincial burgs where you guys come from" comment and stick it where the sun don’t shine . Your the one that seems small minded and not used to the way things really are and your from the great and mighty NYC . So fucking what ?
Do you know me ? Do you know any of the people your talking to ? People can live in a small town (I live in a city of ~1.5million BTW) but still have travelled the world and meet countless of different kinds of people with different attitudes to life .

I closing I would just like to say that I really think you’ve picked this up wrong. You over-reacted in a big way and were very insulting to another poster . IMO you should apoligise and take a moment to try and see why you reacted in such a way to a fairly harmless post .

I’m just waiting for stuyguy to call Democritus a coldhearted ice bitch because he told women that he was a Tyson Chicken truck driver.
Stuyguy meet reality, it’s your friend.