Exes gone berserk!

In this thread, a few people mentioned their crazy exes, some who were delusional, some who were lazy… some who were just plain nuts.

What crazy-ex stories do you just have to get off your chest?

My craziest ex (I have a few that were pretty psycho, but this one takes it) was a guy I worked with when I worked as a waitress. He was a cook, an assistant kitchen manager. We flirted for a while, then we started hanging out and sleeping together (though he wouldn’t admit that we were dating). Well, after a few months of that, I ended up pregnant. It was as if my hormones somehow flipped a switch in his brain and he just went crazy. He was skipping work, telling off the managers, messing up orders he’d done thousands of times before, failing tests at school, saying wildly inappropriate things to anyone who would listen (and he worked in a kitchen… it takes a lot to be wildly inappropriate). After he got fired for skipping work, he then told the manager that she hadn’t seen the last of him. Here’s the kicker: he texted me saying that he wanted me to come over to “talk about the future.” As soon as I showed up, he started screaming at me that I ruined his life and he’d hate the kid forever and ever, and so on… and then he started hitting me! This guy was my best friend two months earlier! A sweet, fun, cool guy… and now he was psycho!

I ended up miscarrying a few weeks later (not due to him hitting me, per se, but probably from all the stress of dealing with him being a total psycho). He’s now delivering pizzas… and still alone.

So what crazies have you dated? I love crazy ex stories!

And I realized I spelled “berserk” wrong…

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Let’s see…

My ex-husband lied to me about where he was born, his age/birthdate, his job, finances, opened a credit card using my SSN, kept a little black book of all the women he slept with that included a list of positions they did and a rating chart, made up a brother he didn’t have, left me in the middle of the 14 labor of our son because “his bed was kinda hurting and he needed a nap…”

I’m sure if I really sat and thought about it there would be more.

I don’t have anything too juicy. My last girlfriend flamed a bunch of my friends because I hadn’t *yet *told them we were back together. (We had only been back together a few weeks and I hadn’t seen any of them yet.)

My mother’s friend’s daughter, age 45 (?) - married 25 years, several kids ranging from age 6 up to age 20 - met Some Guy online. Romance bloomed. One day she packed a suitcase and ran off with Some Guy (who is half her age). She filed for divorce, and far as anyone knows (from what little her own mother has heard and shared) is living with the new guy, is pregnant with twins by him (!), and hasn’t spoken with her ex-husband or any of her kids in over two years. WTH?


BACK…his BACK was kinda hurting. I have no idea if his bed was hurting. I guess it might have been due to the list of all his conquests…

:eek: I think you win.

I could write a book. I think the term “pathological” applies to him.

We were only married a little over a year for a reason.

I knew about 6 months in that we would divorce but I had a premature infant on my hands and put all my focus on him until I could file and leave.

Nothing too drastic, fortunately for me (and unfortunately for this thread). The girlfriend before I started dating my eventual wife, though, did have a few bizarre moments during and after our short relationship.

A few weeks into the relationship, she was at my place and we watched a movie. Afterwards we were sitting on the couch. She was mostly quiet. Out of the blue, she’s suddenly looking really sad and somber, and she says in this barely audible voice, with an unblinking stare: “I know how I’m going to die.”

I was really weirded out- like I said, this came from nowhere- and wasn’t quite sure how to react. The only thing that came to mind was "Uhhhh… how?’

Same unblinking stare, same voice barely above a whisper: “Car accident.”

I had no idea how or why she got this idea, and more importantly, why she thought it would be a good idea to share it with me at that moment. Yes, suddenly bringing up death is certainly the way to romance a person, isn’t it? A tip for all of you looking for a relationship: if you want to convince that special someone that you’re a fun, likable person who they’d enjoy spending a lot of time with, this type of conversation is probably not the way to go, especially early on. In this case, it was actually the biggest among many signs that she was just unhappy a lot and was depressing to be around.

For a while we maintained some contact after we’d broken up, until that got too depressing and aggravating, too. One phone conversation devolved into her telling me the many ways I done her wrong, such as: “(sob) I was (sob) hoping you’d (sob) send me (sob) a Thanksgiving card, but (sob) I waited and waited (sob) AND IT NEVER CAME!!! (sob sob sob sob).”

Does ANYONE send Thanksgiving cards? Do they even exist? I had (and have) never in my life sent a Thanksgiving card to ANYONE, not even the people closest to me.

It was dating this person that showed me that being in a bad relationship is worse than being in no relationship at all.

My ex and I were together for 7.5 years. I was lucky to get out: he is a narcissistic pathological excuse for a human being. He constantly told me I was lucky to have him, because no one else would want me. I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything without his approval. He worked until I moved in with him, then I supported us the rest of the time. He’d get a job, but it would last for a month tops before he’d get fired. When our daughter was born, he was with his classmates at school for a study session.

I left him the night he ripped the phone out of my hand to keep me from calling the police on him. I was getting ready to go to work, and I said I had to call work to let them know I wouldn’t be in. I called work and told them to call the police to my house. Thank God they did. He had to leave that night, and his father helped him find a place to live. I filed a restraining order, but it didn’t involve our daughter: he had never shown any sign of being abusive to her at this point.

When I moved, we had an agreement in court that he would have our daughter for that summer, and I would come up for her and have her for the school year. When I arrived, I was served with a court order to appear in court: he had sued for sole custody. He had a family member that was the longest sitting judge in the county. Even though one of our friends decided not to testify when I showed up (cause he found out my ex had lied to him about me abandoning our child), the judge ordered the hearing to commence. I didn’t have a lawyer: all I had was my boyfriend (who is now my husband). I lost my daughter that day.

I got away. She wasn’t so lucky then. I wish I would have brought her with me. He threatened me into leaving her behind. She got away, but not before suffering quite a bit of emotional damage from him. He’s now in jail for 10 years for a sex crime, and this will be followed by a 20 year fed stint for child pornography. Yes, this involved our child. The bastard is now in jail, and I hope he dies there. And all I can do is pray for our child that she finds some kind of peace and is getting therapy.

He filed suit because he said I abandoned her. I didn’t. I left to make a better life for the two of us. I don’t regret leaving, but I will regret losing her for the rest of my life.

One in particular was an ass to me, but the crazy’s come out since then. The latest is for threatening to come to the school where his ex-wife teaches “to do a Columbine” because of an argument about the kids.

Then, almost immediately, he (jokingly, so he says), told a county property-something-or-other that he’d need to “bring a gun and shoot you” next time because she wasn’t ruling in his favor in a dispute with a neighbor.

Dodged a bullet on so many levels when he dumped me…

Dated a girl for a while my senior year at college who was nice but she wasn’t the one for me. I broke up with her a few months before my college graduation. Post college I moved several hundred miles away from her (to the NYC area). She would still call me around once a week and we would have short friendly chats.

After not seeing her for around 18 months, she indicated that she wanted to come see me on her visit to NYC. I was fine with this. She later let it be known that she was planning on staying with me and had special plans for “us” during her stay. I no longer had any interest in that kind of relationship with her and was actually very interested in someone else who I was not yet dating. I explained this to her and she went berserk.

She started calling me around 15 times a day for weeks. She mailed me a list of every single item she ever purchased for me and demanded the items be returned. And when I say every single item, even small items such as pens and magazines appeared on the list.

She left me a voicemail informing me of the voodoo doll she had of me which she kept under her bed and graphic details of what she did to it and what she wished upon me.

When she did make the trip down to NYC we were no longer speaking. She had contacted my best friend from my hometown to go to a concert with her during her trip. They had only met once before. She threw herself at him and they slept together (despite the fact that he was in a 6-year relationship someone at the time).

Four years later and the two of them are married. How’s that for a berserk crazy story?

I’m going to go home and thank my fiance for not being a nutjob. Some of my exes were weird but nothing like these stories!

Juliana, I’m so sorry for what he did to you and your daughter. Does she live with you now?

God help me, this made me laugh so hard. I was not expecting that seasonal holiday.

It is funny how ‘crazy’ can cover everything from wanting to get married too soon to trying to murder you. This is why I take people who talk about ‘crazy’ exes with a grain of salt, at least until I know some of the details (and especially if they’ve got more than two or three – after a while you’ve got to look at the common denominator).

No. I ended up losing custody of her. I haven’t been able to see her in 10 years.

Not mine, but my husband’s. I could write a book of crazy ex stories, but unfortunately it is still going on and our kids are the ones who suffer the most (my youngest is currently in the psychiatric hospital due in no small part to her bio-mother’s craziness) so my “good” stories probably aren’t appropriate for public just yet. But as soon as the kids are out of the house, I might write a book or three about her. :wink: It will end up being critically panned probably and accused of being fiction because she is just so far out there, but man, the stories I could tell…

The very, tiniest tip of the iceberg is: when she discovered my husband and I were dating she told the kids that he had been having an affair with me and that’s why they divorced (he didn’t meet me until a year after the divorce) and that I was only with him for his money (he filed bankruptcy that year). And then when she heard we were getting married, she called my husband begging him to take her back. When he said no, she began a campaign to ruin our lives and those of our children. Two days later she called back announcing that she had met her “soul mate” and would be marrying the week before our wedding. Our reaction was, “So?” which sent her over the edge and into her first marriage of spite (obviously it didn’t work out)

Over the years she has accused me in particular of: hacking into her computer, hacking into her work computer (in order to read patient files- she is an LPN) somehow hacking into her cell phone so that I am able to listen to her phone conversations, so she got rid of her phones, and stalking her (even when we lived 3000 miles and oceans away).

Then, she calls the police at every opportunity (husband has custody, she has visitation) including every other weekend if the kids are not out of school to meet her at the exact minute the bell rings- she tells the police that we kept the kids home or are somehow trying to kidnap them so that she cannot see them. And just a few weeks ago she called the police on the parents of my daughter’s best friend (who lives out of town) because daughter was with them and they were not at the house when she (Mom) called. She told the police that these parents were trying to kidnap her daughter.

Now, I do cut this particular crazy ex a little slack, because she really is (diagnosed even) crazy. The diagnosis we know about is Bi-Polar but we suspect there is some schizophrenia and paranoia in there as well. We try to be sympathetic, but at the same time it is incredibly hard to deal with, especially now that she has once again gone off her meds (she gets manic and decides she doesn’t need them any more) lost her job (again!) and has nothing better to do with her time than sit around and think of crazy things she can do to us or our kids.

Not even visitation rights? Why was custody not returned to you when he was arrested?

Told every story I might ever need to tell about her insanity. Search for me on this board if you want them, although most will be many years old by now.

Wow. I dated some women who I later discovered were wackjobs, but nothing approaching some of the shit you guys have gone through. More power to ya.