Expiration dates on condoms gives me false hope

If you return it soiled, does that mean you lose your deposit?

The deposit is lost before the tux is soiled. :wink:

This reminds me, I gave some free condoms I was given to my friend. I’ll have to ask her if she used them yet. If not, I’ll tell her she’s GOT to use them before the expiration date. :smiley:

No, no, no. That will come across as creepy and weird. Just go up to her and ask her out, face to face. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Admittedly, maybe I think this because they didn’t have AIM, or anything like it, when I was in college, and maybe that’s just what you kids are doing these days, but nothing beats real face to face interaction.

Face to face you say? Huh…maybe that’s what I’ve been doing wrong… smack:

Just this weekend, I was cleaning out the cabinet under my bathroom sink, and found my little stash of condoms.

All expired. sigh

But I shouldn’t be surprised–I can never even finish a gallon of milk before the Use By date.

I can’t find the picture post either.

Looking at the history of her posts, all I know is that she is 20 years old, born in Central MS, in Americacorp, confuses rich Columbians with drug dealers, not a big fan of Brazilian waxes, speaks a little French, is an atheist in the bible belt and likes charities. Which is another way of saying, “We don’t really know much about her” :wink:

Granted I could just wait for the next Jackson, MS Dopefest, but come on! A Jackson Dopefest? Just sounds weird saying it.

Does anyone have a photo of this mythical “Woman Who Cannot Get Laid”?

Bannana? Strawberry? Grape?

I guess if you use them all in one night that would make you a real smoothie.

I consider myself a modern woman, and I try to be well-prepared by keeping condoms around. But I’ll be damned if any decent opportunities for nooky present themselves! I seem to attract old guys, married men, and lesbians. Not that all those groups don’t deserve love, but they’re not getting any from me! None of the unattached guys in my age range seem interested. I always feel like they expect sex right away, almost as a right, and that icks me out. But then I see my friends who have awesome boyfriends and I can’t help but wonder what I’m doing wrong.

I’m sure if I lowered my standards I could get some action easily enough. But would it be worth it? I went through some bad times before, and every time my friends and family told me it’s not worth whoring myself just because I’m lonely. And I know, deep inside, it wouldn’t get me anything I truly wanted. Everybody keeps telling me that if I’m patient, I’ll find someone who’ll rock my world and be wonderful to me. Well, I’m waiting. Where the hell is he?

The OP originally had a different username. Unfortunately, I forgot what it was.

Ha, never mind, her sig just told me.