Explain a "Family Guy" joke to me...

Last night’s first “Family Guy” was the episode where Brian starts seeing an African-American teacher at the high school and Peter replaces him as a friend with James Woods. In the middle of the show, Meg has some kind of outburst and Lois says, “It’s just her time of month”. The scene immediately shifts to a sheep with a woebegone look on its face that says, “Oh, no! Not again!”

What the HELL is this about? Both supervenusfreak and I were completely asea on this one.

My guess is that they were referring to how, in some cultures, wool was used to absorb the flow.

Oh, and hey: gfactor just wrote about this. :stuck_out_tongue:

I rarely watch Family Guy, but was too lazy to read and so was watching it last night. I too had no idea what that was supposed to mean and turned it off just about that time.

More than that: it was also a reference back to that same episode’s earlier gag, the one about how the Flintstones used animals as household appliances. You know, how a bird would dip his beak so as to serve as a record player, or whatever, and complain about the job? Well, the prior gag was Barney Rubble using a pelican as a toilet.

Ah! I hadn’t made the connection to the earlier gag. That actually makes sense now…

Now if only McFarlane would figure out timing…some of the gags go on WAY longer than they need to (the Helen Keller “Marco Polo” gag in this episode, f’rinstance, which absolutely murdered what was an awesome joke).

Well, then. I suppose I would have benefited from actually having seen the episode. Thanks, ululate!

It’s an old joke: what does an elephant use for a tampon?

A sheep!

They’ve carried on the tradition of multi level humor that cartoonists have long held. In the same episode Peter Griffin raves about the brownies from his gay guest. “Oh, you’ve packed so much fudge into these brownies, and there are nuts too”. Totally un-PC.

Futurama had the best visual joke ever. The characters of the cartoon were walking through a gymnasium with people working out. one of the shots is of a lady (from the stomach up) straining and grunting while the weights in the machine go up and down. You can’t see what she’s lifting but the name on the machine is the kegalizer. What made it funnier was that it was not part of the plot in any way.

Thought I was going to die laughing.

I can’t watch these shows around my nephews because they want to know what is so frickin funny.

One of my favorite Family Guy double entendres just doesn’t work as well in print. It’s the episode where Peter meets a family of nudists.

The Nudist Wife. "Come on in. I’ve got bush.

And Busch Light."

And why do elephants have trunks?

Because sheep don’t have strings!

And what’s the moral of these jokes?

Never buy red sweaters.

What do elephants use for vibrators?

Epileptic sheep!

Do Androids dream of Epileptic Sheep?

Or the episode where Lois forces Peter to go to an event he didn’t want to attend.

Peter:Just remember Lois. I came here. So tonight I get anal…

…that’s right, anything in the house I say needs cleaning, you have to clean it.

That reminds me of my favorite Family Guy line: someone criticizes Chris’s penchant for masturbation, and he replies, wounded, “Is it lonely up there on your pedestal?”