Expressions I hate

They don’t do it for your convenience, they do it for their convenience. They found that nearly everybody orders a pound, so if they do it in advance they can cover the majority of the orders ahead of time.

Not expressions, just single words. These three come as a set:


Was I mistaken in thinking that this was the entire point of that expression? That it’s a joke?

I don’t see the conflict of interest. If nearly everybody orders a pound, they are providing exactly what nearly all their customers want without having to wait in line. And this also shortens the line for anyone who wants some other amount.


To me, the former expression carries the important connotation of “watch your privilege”. For example - a White person might claim that “in their experience” they see little racism in modern society - but they do not have the perspective of living as anything other than White person all day, every day.

The worst expressions are anal expressions.

I dunno. I just find it unhelpful, and the lilting manner it’s generally said in makes it grate on my nerves even more. If it’s a joke, it’s not a good one.

Oh, it can be so much worse. I was in a conversation with somebody who kept saying that, and for some inane reason I couldn’t help myself, I said “Yeah I see what you mean” every goddam time. I wanted to smack both of us.

Actually, I have a few ideas for this thread, but … can we put a pin in it and circle back ?

Maybe we should have a conversation …


Today I was looking for something I haven’t seen for a couple of months. I had several places to look. I got to one unlikely place. I thought if it isn’t there I will give up and go to “plan B”. It was in the last place I would look.

I had a co-worker who was fond of saying “To be perfectly honest…” as a preface to any opinion. It made me crazy because I was always perfectly honest with her in every situation and I didn’t feel the need to quantify my honesty.

Any time someone starts off with “As a this, that or other, I…” be prepared for boasting.

Any time someones says “As a this, that, or other, you…” be prepared for chiding.

I hate it when people use “impact” instead of affect or effect. It may have added some emphasis a few decades ago, but now it has lost that connotation through over use and just sounds trite.

I think the full expression is “It’s always in the last place you would think to look”. Like when you find your keys in the freezer, that’s the last place I’d think to look for them, but there they were.

I’ve heard it said that way, too. It’s about the same level of funny or helpful, in my opinion. YMMV

Ohh yes.

Or perhaps I should say “yay yay.”

My daughter is fond of starting sentences with “Not gonna lie…”

It strikes me as very peculiar. Why would I expect otherwise?

At the end of the day, it’s midnight.

You know what they say about sleeping dogs; you can’t believe what they tell you. Just let 'em lie.

Every goddam thing these days is an inflection point. Anything that interests you for more than twenty minutes led you down a rabbit hole. I’ll bet that at the end of the rabbit hole lies an inflection point.

Boycott’s offering reminded me of another: “my truth,” another one where “my experience” is more appropriate. There’s only one truth, even if it’s mostly elusive.

“Do you know the definition of crazy?” Repeating the same cliche over and over and thinking it’s clever.

I had a boss who was fond of “if you stop to think about it”, with the strong implication that his pretty competent group of programmer/designers just willy-nilly chose the first solution that came to mind.