Expressions I hate

Not familiar with that one, if in the wild I heard “hey where’s my dick holster?” I’d have to reply “hey it’s your right hand, man”.

Can I just make a slight hijack to say that I think this is one of the worst remakes of a corporate logo I’ve ever seen? They changed from a lively mark that exudes fun and playfulness, perfect for an ice cream brand, to something that, except for the color, looks like it should be stenciled on the side of a bomb. It’s dull, static, and the serif on the 1 in the R explicitly gives away the Easter Egg “31” that was more cleverly hidden in the old logo.

If their research correctly determined that this logo is more “relevant” to young people today, I fear for today’s youth! I hope that the truth is what @Princhester said:

When they tell me to “have a good one,” I wink and say, “I do have a good one!”

“Have a good one" is the power chord of expressions. Handy when in Fairbanks, Ak in the summer and you’re not really sure if it’s morning or evening.

I had a boss who’d always use the “touch base” expression, and I always wanted to reply that we’re not baseball players. But I didn’t.

Also, I keep reading on a car group people saying their car “got new shoes!” No, they got new tires. Cars can’t wear shoes.

Is Boy Howdy still said?

It still is in the Longmire series of novels (CraigJohnson). Best darn novels ever.

People who use the word allergy when they really mean aversion.

Agreed. Attempting to elevate their personal distaste for something to a grievous medical condition that only a monster could possibly ignore. It makes me want to be a jerk when if they just expressed a preference I’d happily oblige.