Extended Orgasm for Women

I looked into a book on new discoveries in sex some years ago, while browsing at Brentano’s. I wish I had bought it then, because I can’t remember the book’s title or author now. Maybe someone will remember from this description.

In one chapter it told of a husband and wife team conducting seminars or workshops on their discoveries in extending orgasm. The wife lay on a table and the husband demonstrated by manually stroking and stimulating her honey pot. She started to orgasm. And then she kept on orgasming for a half hour, nonstop, as he continued to apply stimulation. He invited participants to walk up and feel her inner thighs, feel how the muscles kept rapidly twitching involuntarily. As proof of continued orgasm.

Has anyone read about this?

No, but I’d love to know how. The idea of giving my wife a half-hour orgasm tickles me pink… :wink:

Go stir a pot for half an hour and see how tickled you are.

Hey, I’d be willing to pay the price. Nothing’s too good for Lady Chance.

I saw this couple on HBO’s “Reel Sex” series about 8 months ago, and I also am unable to remember thier names, but the footage was, well, impressive. They’re in their early 50, s perhaps, completely normal, non-freaky, and unremarkable in almost every way, save that he’s able to bring his wife to orgasm longer than most people last, start-to-finish. Apparently they’re on the lecture circuit now, teaching their techniques to the masses, 10 or 12 at a time.

Ladies, would getting-off for a half-hour straight be a good thing, or would that be too much of a good thing?

You mean people have trouble with this? :confused:
I can easily keep Mrs K going for as long as I like, manually or orally. We’ve never gone as long as half an hour, but ten to fifteen minutes is a pretty regular ocurrence. I usually have to stop because my tongue gets tired, but she shows no signs of slowing down.

And I pity your wife, hansel, if you compare giving her pleasure with stirring a pot.

Wouldn’t you then be required to cuddle for about four days after that?

Was this the book?http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0446386456/103-5760065-8932600

I’ve been around long enough to know that once you have a sufficiently interested and skilled guy; the rest is up the women, both physiologically and psychologically. It is just like a guy to give a demonstration at a seminar like he is Eros himself when it is the woman who possesses the more unique skill.

What wife?


Apparently no women have chimed in here; allow me:
Extended orgasm is not unusual. I thought it was well-known that a woman’s orgasm goes on and on and on…a woman doesn’t even need additional stimulation once she’s climaxed; mine go on for at least a half hour. It’s not constant – sort of like pleasant little spasms every minute or so that very slowly diminish. And I believe “extended orgasm” is really what’s happening when people talk about women having multiple orgasms.

P.S. - the husband-wife team to whom you refer may have been Masters and Johnson (although I’m not sure those two were married.) M & J created quite a stir with the publication of their studies into human sexuality because of their methods – they got couples to volunteer to have sex while they watched and recorded the results of whatever particular aspect they were studying.

Um, I don’t intend to sound overly cynical, but…

If my SO and I were on a highly paid lecture circuit, offering public displays about extended orgasms… I think I’d carry the Thighmaster in our publicist’s suitcase, know what I mean?

But hey, I’m the proud father of one of those phenomena, on a pile of dirty laundry, no less, so I’m not gonna say it’s not true.

Maybe it’s Vera and Steve…
Or maybe it’s one of the links below:


They were married. They got divorced though.

The couple I saw on HBO were definately not Masters and Johnson. I know about M & J, and have read a fair bit of their work, but this couple has no medical or research expertise that I’m aware of. Their main claim to fame is a great sex life, and a willingness to share.