Extra Frosting! Now what?

Baked some very yummy lemon/pineapple cupcakes, made a lovely buttercream icing (my first effort!) and iced them. They look most lovely.

However I have over a cup of lovely frosting left.

Any suggestions? Will it keep? I can’t bake anything just now as I have a stuffed turkey in the oven!

I’m dying to know what experienced bakers do with left over frosting, something creative I bet!

Ohhh! My mom used to decorate cakes all the time (or it seemed so). She was very, very talented.

Left over frosting always went on graham crackers. Either open faced or as a “sandwich.” Of course, you have to like graham crackers to enjoy it, but I remember it quite fondly and would love it even now.

Use a spoon. Scoop up and insert into mouth of any passersby. With three/sometimes four teens in the house, no frosting survives more than an hour or two.

A spoon
A finger
A butter knife

Any of the above work well.

Extra frosting?

I understand what those two words mean separately, but together they make no sense.

I keep it in the fridge for a week or two. You could probably freeze it as well.

I was like EXTRA frosting? Why not just heap more of it on each cupcake? :slight_smile:

  1. Freeze - Unless it’s French buttercream with beaten egg, it will keep perfectly in the freezer forever.
  2. Refrigerate for a long time
  3. Bake another cake
  4. Do the graham cracker thing, but build a pseudo-gingerbread house out of them, using the frosting as grout. Actually, that would be a waste of good frosting unless you actually eat the whole thing.

My mom always kept graham crackers in the house just to absorb extra frosting. I loved it. Thanks for bringing back a great memory!..TRM

My mom froze leftover buttercream icing. I remember watching her make a chocolate cake and being amazed that she had this mish-mash of pink and green and yellow icing to which she added melted baker’s chocolate and – voila! – chocolate icing.

Seriously? I’ve never had “extra” frosting. There’s always room for more on the cake. Or in my tummy.

Put it into a sealed container in the refrigerator, where it will keep very nicely for weeks. Unless it calls out to you in the middle of the night, in which case you can whittle away at it a spoonful at a time.

Take two vanilla wafers. Spread frosting on flat side of one. Put flat side of other cookie against frosting. Eat. Repeat as needed. Or just spread a dab of frosting on the round side of each cookie.

You can crumble up cake into frosting, roll it into balls and dip it in/pour over a glaze like melted almond bark or melted chocolate. The recipes I’ve seen for that use cake mix and canned frosting, so I don’t know the proportions for homemade stuff.

Yes, this is the correct answer.

What about those plain, just biscuit, dark chocolate cookies from the store? The ones that taste like the outsides of oreos.

I bet that’d be good!

A variation on graham crackers: sandwich some peanut butter between two graham crackers, then spread frosting on the tops. As I think back to my mother’s kitchen, those rare treats were even better than the cake, especially when the frosting was chocolate (which it always was).

Take two vanilla wafers, connect them Oreo-style with the frosting, eat, enjoy, repeat. Share, if feeling generous.

Send it here, I’ve got graham crackers.

Just in from the discount grocery and they did not have the plain chocolate wafers and they did not have graham crackers. Tres disappointed.

So I bought some healthy thing with whole grains, cranberries and such. But they’re thin.

I’ll put the frosting between them and see how that works out.