what's the best way to store a cream cheese frosted cake?

I’m a bit weary of leaving out, but being in the refrigerator dries a cake out something fierce. What’s the best way to deal with one?

I don’t think there’s any problem leaving it out, as far as I know most store bought cream cheese frostings are held at room temperature, so it should be fine for a few days under class or loosely covered in foil.

In mah belly!

Or if you are worried about putting saran wrap over it and the icing sticks to the wrap: if you have take out sushi cheapo chopsticks, break them in half, plant one in each corner and drape the saran wrap over it like a tent

Hmmm, not everyone has a Tupperware Cake Taker? I have always thought myself to be a sub-par homeowner being that I lack one of these. Considering none of you have one, and that they are out-of-stock-until-forever on Amazon, I guess I’m not as sub-par as I thought. Instead, my mom is just extraordinary :slight_smile:

sorta like buying a turkey and having no baking pan…:cool:

I just stick a deep bowl over the plate or whatever I put the cake on. Doesn’t stick and keeps the cake covered.

Mine’s off-brand, but necessary - you don’t use it very often, but when you do need it nothing else will do. Keeps it fresh in the fridge and off of your car’s interior when you take it somewhere.

Tupperware Cake Taker on the Tupperware site. This is what I use. I also have the 2 tiered deviled egg insert, and there is a 2 tier pie taker insert for it too. Though the best place to store it is in your tummy. :slight_smile:

You gals are just extraordinary too :slight_smile:

Thanks to this thread I bought a cream cheese stuffed carrot muffin this morning. Enablers!!!