Extreme Peep Shortage of 2009?

My wife likes em.
They were a little sparse at Easter, hard to find at Halloween, and now it’s Christmas and no one has them.
There’s talk of a shortage in the Washington Post from April, and apparently a new Peeps store has just opened in Maryland, but nothing on why they’re so hard to find this year. Is it a regional thing? Does anyone know what’s caused the shortage?

I saw Christmas Peeps (at 70% off, no less) at a Jo-Ann Fabrics store today, of all places. I’m in Ohio. There’s a store locator on their web site. Maybe there’s one near you. Might be worth a phone call, at least.

Christmas Peeps are stocked at our local Weis Market.

I feel old…I remember when Peeps were exclusively an Easter thing.

Saw Snowman Peeps at Target the other day.

Yes, Snowmen. If there were any Snowwomen we didn’t see any with “bumps.”

And I remember when they were all yellow.

I’m seeing the Xmas ones in all the stores.

You can add half- pretzel antlers and make reinpeeps.

Word up, peeps.

Extreme Peep?

that’s what you get when you heat a peep in the microwave (try it!)

Thanks for the replies. It’s beginning to sound like this is a local problem.
I guess I’ll have to call the Governor and tell him to get off the dime. Christmas is being ruined for thousands of local Peeps addicts!

Joking aside, we do have peeps here in Eastern PA.

Peeps are of Eastern Pennsylvanian provenance, although some of the newer shapes are made elsewhere. If anyone gets peeps, we do. Just Born is also covered by local papers pretty frequently and I haven’t seen any articles about a peep shortage. The Maryland store and the chinese peeps I remember reading about, but not the shortage that Squink and the Washington Post know about.