Extremely Weird Dream!

Most dreams are strange…and I usually forget them shortly after waking. This one was so vivid, that it stayed with me. Because of this, I thought I’d share it…and ask your reaction. What the hell does this mean?
I was with a group of friends, and we had just left a cemetary (after a funeral). I was driving a go-kart like vehicle, so there was no body to the car. I then left, driving up a mountain road. I passed a fire station, but nobody was around…then I was chased by two huge wolves…for some reason, the go-kart would not go very fast…I was able to spray water (from a spray bottle) into the attacking wolf’s eyes, but the other one kept chasing me…and actually nipped at my feet.
Then I woke up!

You have lost something, or fear losing something, the absence of which leaves you feeling vulnerable (funeral, parting from friends, no “armor” of a car body, no protective authority figures at the fire station, ineffectual-seeming defenses). Also, you left the fan on, and your feet were cold.

Kidding. I got nothing, really. Dream analysis is about on par with reading tea leaves in my book…though maybe that’s just because anyone seriously analyzing my dreams would end up calling for a straitjacket. :wink:

I once dreamed that I found a talking duck that was made out of orange peels. He could only say one word (“dink!”) but he was completely understandable and managed to discuss a great many topics with ease.

It was a very strange dream.

I once dreamed that I went to Heaven but it was a vast wilderness area with very few people in it and the people I found were Cambodians who didn’t speak English.

That’s what I get for listening to all those anti-war songs as a kid.

Weirdest dream I’ve ever had:

Laying in bed and awoken by a noise. I walked downstairs to check the noise out, which seemed to be coming from the kitchen. Nothing there. But then…

I woke up again, to find myself in my bed. Odd, dream, but, I heard a noise in the kitchen, and I walked downstairs. This time there was a cute mother with her five year old daughter looking for food. I asked them what they were doing in my kitchen and the little girl said, “potato chips”. At that time I noticed that there was a bag of chips that had fallen… umm… up and was laying on the ceiling. I thought, "oh crap, it’s the same dre…

And then I woke up the third time, to find myself in my bed with another noise in the kitchen. This time it was motorcycles. So I walk downstairs and it’s my childhood friends wanting me to go riding with them. I do.

Then I wake up a fourth time to find myself in my bed and the clock radio blasting some classic rock song. I got up, took a shower and went to work. I spent the whole day wondering, “Did I really wake up? Am I still dreaming?”