"Eyelash tinting"? Is this really a common cosmetic procedure?

This story puzzles me on two levels. I had no idea this procedure even existed.

1: I can’t imagine anyone screwing around with dyes that close to the membranes of the eyes

2: Why in the world would someone do this? Is the shade of your *eyelashes *really that important to your attractiveness?

Well, people with light or no eyelashes tend to look a little weirder, so for that reason a lot of women wear mascara. It’s easier than having to put on mascara every day I guess. I wouldn’t get it done, but then I don’t need to, having dark lashes.

I did it. I was getting my eyebrows dyed (without which, if I forget to draw them on, it looks like I don’t have any) and the aesthetician suggested eyelashes as well. Mine aren’t thick, but they’re long enough, just invisible without 1 coat of mascara. She suggested that, if I dyed them, I could use clear mascara and an eyelash curler, or just skip the mascara entirely.

Never again. For one thing it stung like crazy. The results were not spectacular. And for some reason a lot more eyelashes than normal fell out, making my already not-thick eyelashes even less so, for awhile.

So now I either wear three coats of mascara or I look weird (or maybe both)

I’ve seen eyelash perms and extensions. I suppose tinting isn’t that much different.

It annoys me that my brother has prettier eyelashes than I do, but I can’t be bothered to do anything about it.

I had my eyelashes tinted once. Total waste of money, in my case. I still needed to use mascara so the whole point of the exercise was lost.

My wife does it about once a month. She has extremely blond lashes, and looks better with them tinted. She gets her eyebrows done, too.

My redhead ex had eyelashes that were nearly invisible. She, frankly, looked really strange without something darkening them: the difference in her facial attractiveness was several points with or without. So she could either spend hours every week putting on and reapplying mascara, or get them tinted every few weeks and not worry about it.

Yes. I’m a redhead with very light eyelashes, and I look much better if they’re darker. If I could only use one makeup item, it would definitely be mascara.

I had it done years ago. It was the summer, so I figured I would look better when swimming or at other times when I didn’t feel like wearing makeup. The results were meh and I never bothered to do it again.

Hours??? My weekly mascara time couldn’t possibly add up to more than 5 minutes. Maybe 7 if I’m feeling really fancy that week.

Seconded. I wear drag queen levels of makeup and I can’t possibly spend more than 10 minutes a week applying mascara (think two coats on the day to day, 3+ coats and false lashes to go out).

I’ve done it. My eyelashes are very light in color.

For me, the deal about mascara is not the time, but rather the eyesight. My eyes are bad. To see clearly enough to put on eye makeup, I have to wear my glasses. . .well, you can see the problem.

I have a magnifying mirror which helps, but it is a bother.

My eyes look better, wider, bigger, more awake, with a coat of mascara. Tinting has the same effect, without having to bother with the magnifying mirror.

And if I have it done at the same time as I’m having my hair done (colored), it doesn’t even take any extra time!

The next time you’re in a department store or drug store really take the time to look at how many different kinds of mascara there are. It’s mind boggling, and a lot of is tint. Not quite the same thing as semi-permanent solutions, but clearly this is something women are concerned about (though, like most effective make-up, the idea is to produce an effect that most men don’t even realize is there).

Well I don’t know do I, I’m not a chick. But I do know is she considered it more convenient to get them tinted than apply makeup every day.

I occasionally get mine tinted. It takes next to no time, doesn’t sting at all if you get a competent beautician who can keep the dye out of your eyes, and makes a huge difference.

I won’t wear mascara if I can avoid it, because it inevitably irritates my eyes by the end of the day. I’ll put it on occasionally if there’s a really special event, but otherwise it’s a no-go.

It’s cheap to achieve ($20 gets me tinted lashes and brows), rather long-lasting and highly effective in giving me some kind of facial definition (my natural eyebrow/lash colour sort of fades into my skintone). What’s not to like?

I have to say, $20 does not strike me as cheap for tinted lashes and brows. We must have vastly different budgets.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that my natural lashes are dark and long enough so mascara might embellish but isn’t a neccessity. (and my brows are on the thick and bushy enough that maybe I’d benefit from getting them waxed side of things).

$20 seems cheap to me–I recently found out that lash extensions can cost up to $700.