F*ck Trump

Knowing how history played out, I almost kinda wish McCain would have beaten Obama in 2008. Yes, it would have been bad, yes having Palin as Vice President (oh dear god gag me) would have been a disaster.

But it would have been infinitely preferable to the shit-show we have now. All because middle-aged white folk just can’t stand the thought that some uppity, america-hatin’ muslim negro had the nerve to get himself elected president.

Fuck Trump. Fuck Mitch McConnell. Fuck this cover-our-ass non-investigation by the FBI that was all about doing absolutely nothing. Fuck all of them.

Worst part? Not only do they tilt SCOTUS for the next generation at least, it’s going to galvanize their base and kill any chance the Democrats had of taking at least one of the houses in congress.
Fuck fuck fuck them all. I now live overseas, and have no intention of going back. Fuck them all.

Yeah, but then you don’t have Sotomayor or Kagan on the Supreme Court. I don’t think McCain would have gone full Gorsuch (although his maverick bona-fides were oversold, especially by the time he was running for POTUS), but the court would be a lot more conservative than it is.

In the modern age (and possibly always), SCOTUS appointments are a president’s real legacy.

Sotomayor and Kagan no longer matter, because Gorsuch and Kavanaugh ensure a very clear, unwavering 5-4 tilt for the next two decades at least.

It gets worse. Ginsburg is 85, Breyer is 80. Gorsuch is 51 and Kavanaugh is 53.

If Ginsburg or Breyer leave the Court in the next two years, the US is well and truly fucked.

Couldn’t agree more, and it can never be said too many times. Fuck Trump.

Obama’s election wasn’t the beginning of post-racial America after all; instead, it led to what has happened at several times throughout history: a counter-revolution. One side makes progress; the other side pushes back. People want to blame Hillary for Trump’s victory, and she deserves a lot of it, but what has to be acknowledged is that many who voted for Trump were also pushing back against the Obama presidency. Many might even consciously connect the two events, but they’re inexorably linked.

Most unsurprising article headline ever.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
But hey, who needs our friends, our image has improved in Russia!

U.S. Suffers Decline In International Image

If you’re going to rewrite history why don’t you go back and have McCain win against Bush and then crush Gore. He would have handled the whole 9/11 thing better and probably wouldn’t have had most people hating him when he left office. I think some people perceived the hate of Bush on a right left divide and then the racists jumps on that with Obama to amp up the partition hate and then the Moron in Chief rode that into off and it seems like the hate of him is a partisan thing.

I think some one with a brain handling of 9/11 would have us in a much better situation politically right now though the economics would have played out similarly.

What a creative pit thread…:rolleyes:

…says the guy that was intrigued enough to read it and post in it.

Fuck off.

I get it. Your original thought of “Fuck Trump” would have gotten lost in the dozen or so other fuck Trump style threads here in the pit…so you started your own. You appear to be as egotistical as your nemesis.

FWIW, it is my understanding that the appellate court is where the real power is, because most cases never make it to the SCOTUS.

That is why McConnell is prioritizing putting judges on the appellate court. Also about 2/3 of district and appellate judges were appointed by Clinton or Obama, so we should be fine for a while.

But yes, being an American is very depressing. There are so many people here willing to abandon every moral and principle a civilized person should have just to maintain white privilege. And you can’t even discuss it because they get defensive and don’t want to even admit it.

Roy Moore abused his position as a DA to abuse children. His voters didn’t care because he promised to treat non-whites, immigrants and muslims like garbage. Thats all that matters. As long as you promise to treat out-groups like shit (women, muslims, blacks, latino immigrants, etc) you can commit any moral or legal crime and half the country will shrug and say ‘ok’.

Our country sucks.

Back when Obama won a lot of black families were celebrating, but I’ve heard multiple stories of black people who were afraid. They knew there’d be retribution by many people in white America for Obama being elected president.

I just didn’t know we’d become this deranged in our efforts to maintain white privilege.

Hey, it could have been worse; Hillary Clinton could be acid washing her emails right now.

Hillary’s crimes are laughably minor compared to Trumps, and Trump’s followers couldn’t care less.

That’s my view. At least about 40%.

Naw, it’s just immature and has no sense of decorum or reality, and there is no whiff of agreement about who we are. It’s a self correcting problem, and Trump is part of that process, but the path takes us through some pretty dark territory.

And, I’m not prepared to die on this hill but:

Nice setup for an unassailable position. Either admit to being a White Devil, or deny it because you’re a White Devil.

Nah, multiple studies have found bigotry and authoritarianism were among the strongest predictors of Trump support behind loyalty to the republican party.

I think America is on the right track but I agree we are immature.

In 2040 when most of the whites from the silent generation and boomers are gone I think the us will become a little less deranged. It’s a generational thing. I don’t think millennials, generation x or generation Z are nearly as enamored of white nationalism as the boomers and silent generation are.

I don’t know. It’s pretty clear that Kavanaugh lied under oath about multiple things, and as it has been established, perjury falls into the category of “high crimes and misdemeanors”, notwithstanding whatever Kamala Harris may be able put together on the question of discussing the Mueller investigation with anyone at Kasowitz Benson Torres. This current Congress isn’t going to impeach and remove Kavanaugh, and it would be a historic first (only one justice, Samuel Chase, has ever been impeached and the Senate acquitted him) but there is a lot of anger about how clearly this hearing was rigged and how the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee have acted in ways utterly contrary to democratic norms in trying to deny access to pertinent information, attacking Democratic colleagues for asking wholly appropriate questions about Kavanaugh’s background, and orchestrating this sham investigation of such narrow scope and the results secreted from public view that I don’t think breaking precedent is at all unlikely, particularly if Kavanaugh starts rendering the kinds of opinions that everyone expects him to.

I’m not going to go so far as to say that 2020 will be a sweeping change or that this particular incident is the watershed moment that signals the dissolution of the Republican party, but these guys are not playing the long game. They have played this nomination like it is their last desperate Hail Mary pass, which is bizarre because there are plenty of other conservative candidates who are objectively more qualified and presumably don’t come with Kavanaugh’s baggage of drunken privileged frat kid with predatory tendencies who wouldn’t have to transparently lie about what the “Devil’s Triangle” means. Lifetime appointment or no, I don’t think the anger over the Kavanaugh confirmation, which amazingly eclipses the crassness of treatment of Anita Hill during the Thomas hearings, is going to go away in a couple of years.


Not at all, when you consider the alternatives.

+1 It ain’t perfect here, but you could do worse. Trump’s proposed wall isn’t meant to keep people in. Yet.