Facebook & Photos

I’ve had my own domain for years, and I’ve got a couple hundred photos posted on my web site. My close friends and family know to go there if they want to see my pictures.

I joined Facebook a couple of months ago, but I’m not about to upload my pictures there when I’ve already got them online in a perfectly good place. I’d like for people I’ve friended to know that they can see my pictures at my site; I have it listed in my profile, but I doubt anyone notices that. More likely they click on my photos page, see nothing there, and move on.

The best solution I can think of is to create a jpeg with text saying “If you want to see my pictures, go to my web site at…” and post that on my photos page. But this idea seems kinda dumb.

So, anyone have any better ideas? Preferably I’d like to somehow be able to link to my site from my FB photos page, but I don’t think that’s possible.

Doesn’t sound like a dumb idea to me. Dumb would be re-hosting all the photos in Facebook when you’ve already done the work.

Not dumb. If you want to be really smarmy, you could upload a different jpeg “placeholder” when you add new photos to your domain. Then, tag people in the placeholder picture. (Of course, this gives you none of the privacy settings that facebook offers.)

I think it’d work. But unless your domain has tagging, you’re offering an inferior experience. (neuroman’s suggestion would take about as long as just uploading the images themselves.)

You can post a link to your album every once in a while. It shows up like a status update.
Facebook has a draconian image rights policy last I checked. Anything you host there is Facebook’s picture now. I refuse to post anything more than a single profile picture.