FAKK 2: Heavy Metal - missing sky glitch, is there a fix?

On the last part of the fist stage (New Eden) and all of the jungle stage the skies are messed up. If anyone remembers what it looked like in the old Doom games when you used the cheat code to walk through walls and went into a part of the level that you weren’t intended to go to, that’s what the sky looks like. Generally it wouldn’t interfere with gameplay much as the actual level is rendered normally, only the skies are screwed up, but there are some creatures that attack from above and they are virtually impossible to see.

I used GLSetup to update my drivers (using a GeForce256) and that didn’t help. THere is a patch, but it seems to only address a ‘crash on save’ bug that doesn’t seem to effect me, and I don’t want to waste the time downloading the 7MB patch on a 56K modem if it isn’t going to help. Does anyone there know a way to fix this? The screenshots show some really beautiful skies on that level, I’d like to see them.

Please delete this one, sorry for the duplicate message, I forgot to click email notification on the first attempt (this one).