Fall of the House of Sequential Threads, Part MXLVII

Do you say “su-PREM-a-cist” or “su-PREM-ist”?
What were your high school’s colors?

Confederate gray. Booor-ing.

Can chihuahuas be taught where to piss and shit?
Scheduling the MMP

Monday Morning Pee?

Stupid Masturbation Question
Hot Flashes, AKA, is this FINALLY menopause?

How exactly are you masturbating?:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

Anyone back to buying their music? (as opposed to subscription services)
Bond and Blofeld

Okay, but besides them, is anyone back to buying their music?

**I would like for my remains to be used as a…
Dog identification question (model related)

**What uncommon/unusual jobs have you had?

German Firefighters remove 2.5 kilogram weight from man’s penis


The problem is that it’s not steady work. It relies on an unending succession of Stupid People to be rescued. And there just aren’t enough of them, believe it or not.

I would like for my remains to be used as a…
dog poop disposal

Here’s another thing young whippersnappers are doing to annoy me.
Visiting Switzerland?

I HATE it when they do that!

**Generalisations/Memes you hate?

Karma: the pure horseshit concept **

How brave do I need to be in order to remove a car steering wheel?
Does the CIA have a “badass” training program

Once you graduate from their badass training program you should be able to remove a car steering wheel.

Mexico City earthquake
is there a word for that?

Yes, “earthquake”.

** I pit a Starbucks barista

Don’t leave her at the mercy of barbaric 20th-century medicine!


dog poop disposal
Information Encoded in DNA.

23andMe says it was your malamute, so pay up, buster. :mad:

**Favorite documentary about fonts?
TV review sites like AV Club used to be?
I just got a dinner invite… **

…to discuss writing a TV documentary about the history of Comic Sans.

Farting in front of a significant other. Fart stories.
Here’s another thing young whippersnappers are doing to annoy me.

“Hey, old-timer! Pppbbbbppththth!! Ha-ha!!!”

** Eating Raoul (1982 cult film)

What Do Truffles Taste Like?
A lot like Raoul. But not as gamey.

** Favorite documentary about fonts?
Eating Raoul (1982 cult film)**

About fonts? I don’t think so.

Does your boss make you work for free?
What are some of your nifty money savers?

I make my employees work for free. You won’t believe the money I save!

** Butt-Hurt Trump Takes to Twitter Again
Damn you to hell, Varicella Zoster!**

If only we could trust him to bomb shingles back to the stone age…

**is there a word for that?

Hurricane Irma [and Maria]

I suppose “Out-of-Round-Abouts” could be a word for those hurricanes, but they’re actually pretty round.

How cynical can you be about karma?
Thoughts on attending memorial service

“He got what was coming to him” will certainly spice up the eulogy.