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Piper. She looks kinda like my GF IRL…gave her my wifes ring hoping it would trigger a response but nope.

If anyone cares, I got what i think is the best possible ending*. Minutemen but on good terms with everyone but The Institute obviously. And i would have left them the **** alone but THEY attacked me.

*Though buggy as hell. All kinds of events being mentioned I never saw…etc…

re: FO NV…first time i played i ended as turning NV over to Dave Foley…I tried a new runthrough to get a different ending but all other factions funnel me into doing too many noxious things. Maybe I’ll go full evil and just be a Roman.

I was definitely crushing on Piper and I kept her around for most of my original playthrough. Early Danse was good, but late-game-no-power-armor-having Danse just looked off. Strong’s dialogue is hilarious, but the list of things he dislikes makes him annoying to play with if you’re trying to get his perk. Also, it takes ages for him to swing a super sledge or to spool up a minigun, so he’s not actually that useful in combat except against the tankiest enemies. Hancock was great, but his perk was totally useless. The others were just meh.

Hehe, when it came time to name him, I literally said to myself “what’s the worst name?” And mo syczlak answered in my head.

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Piper. She looks kinda like my GF IRL…

Pics or it didn’t happen.

Slight criticism of Far Harbor:

I convinced DiMA to turn himself in to the Far Harbor people. It was an “in red” persuasion attempt, but it actually worked. So he turned himself in and I had a chance to speak at his trial, but they massively convicted him and are now dead-set on destroying Acadia.

I feel like I did not have enough persuasion checks in the game to persuade them not to go that way. I have very high Charisma and Intelligence, so I should have been able to help more. It feels like they just slam-dunked a pretty crappy endgame situation on me there.

Did you do Cassie’s quests?

Mariner’s quests?

Secure the lumber mill for Small Bertha?

Talk to Uncle Ken for Mitch?

Heal Andre?

Fix Far Harbor’s fog condensers?

The Captain’s Dance??

I had the same problem when I convinced him to turn himself in. I had done all of the harbor folk quests except the second Mariner one, and had 10 CHR and 10 INT, plus all the speech check perks.

Hull Breach 2? There’s a Hull Breach 3 as well.

I just replayed Fallout 3, Fallout NV and Fallout 4 back-to-back-to-back. Previously I never saw what people loved so much about New Vegas, but it grew on me a bit.

Fallout 3: I really loved this game back in the day, but the main quest is really short in comparison with the later entries in the series. The side quests were still pretty fun, though (e.g. Wasteland Survival Guide, the Lincoln Memorial quest, Mechanist v Ant-Agonist: Dawn of Justice) and there was a fair assortment of buildings to investigate. The Anchorage and Starship Zeta DLCs were more tedious than I remembered, though.

Fallout NV: Compared to 3, the main quest is much longer, but it felt like there were fewer fun side quests (although some of the companion quests were interesting). The faction idea was kind of fun, but I felt it was undermined a bit the relative sameness of the quest line no matter which faction you side with. And it seemed like a lot of the quests felt kind of generic (e.g. run a bunch of menial tasks so that the faction will like you, then pick a leader in the faction to side with). But the thing I probably liked the least was the changes to combat, from the dozens of types of (mostly irrelevant) ammo, to the fact that 99.9% of the firearms I found were effectively useless against a deathclaw or sentry bot. Finally, I thought there were more uninteresting songs on the radio (I would instantly change the station every time I heard “Johnny Guitar”, which seemed like every 3 minutes).

Fallout 4: My biggest complaint about this game was the number of times it crashed (on the Xbox). My second-biggest complaint is that I hate “defend the settlement” missions, but I managed to avoid that in my replay by ignoring them. Otherwise, I thought it was a big improvement on 3 and NV. The main quest was fine, there were lots of fun side quests and buildings to explore (and the Radiant quest system would sometimes point out locations that I missed, which was nice), lots of interesting weapons that you can upgrade so they don’t become irrelevant.

One of my playthroughs somehow got a buggy Preston who absolutely refused to leave Concord. I didn’t miss him.

After finishing Fallout 4 last week, I immediately started another game on Survival difficulty and this time I deliberately chose to skip the quest with Preston altogether. (I have to fight a deathclaw and in exchange I get an annoying guy who nags me?)

I obviously can’t say I never met Preston, but once I got away from any kind of settlement building, I stayed away. The only building I was required after the first few hours was the warp to the Institute.

I’m glad they made it playable without having to do that SimCity stuff.

I finished my replay on Survival difficulty (with the Brotherhood, having previously finished with the Railroad and Institute). It really ratcheted up the tension, especially in the beginning of the game when antibiotics, sources of fresh water/beds and fusion cores for power armor are scarce. Unfortunately, the crashing was EVEN WORSE then before (which meant that sometimes I was super-desperate to find a bed to save the game rather than having to play a big chunk all over again).

By comparison, I found Survival mode for New Vegas pretty lame; it just meant fast travelling to a clean water source every once in a while.

My two cents, having played through FO4 well over a dozen times and having all the DLC:

Survival difficulty: A must have. The start of the game is a lot more challenging, but you soon learn habits-of-efficiency to stay alive and healthy. Having to eat cooked food, drink fresh water, sleep from time to time, deal with illness…as well as no crutches like fast travel and extreme carrying capacity, forces even little moves across the map to be thought out carefully. And now, power armor is a must-have for survival, rather than a luxury.

DLC Far Harbor is my favorite so far, and despite many hours exploring the island and doing the mainline quests, I’ve only scratched about half of the surface. Nuka World is so big it intimidates me, and the “cute and fun” atmosphere of the theme park here is at a maximum contrast with the post-apocalyptic reality, making it downright depressing. I don’t like the idea of having to go back to the main map and raid my own settlements, so in this (rare) case I choose to mod out that questline.

Mods: One of the best features of Bethesda games is your ability to mod them as much or little as you like. For the most part I limit myself to mods to improve the appearance of things, i.e. have plants growing (greenery), better looking clothing, etc. I usually stay away from mods that alter weapons, quests, etc. (As such I added one more mod that allows me to be awarded Steam Achievements despite having modded my FO4.)

Companions (IMHO):

  • Dogmeat is fine but soon gets annoying, as many have noticed, in that he gets in the way during a firefight. Unlike human companions, he physically blocks you when you are moving in and out of cover. So I send him “home” to Red Rocket very soon.

  • Codsworth is fine for a few early hours of a playthrough. It is fun to come up with character names just to see if he will say yours. (Yes, you can have a “Miss Tetties” character)

  • Piper…yeah, I too tended to date women who resemble her, so typically she’s by my side. But GEEZ do her ramblings get repetitive.

  • Presto Gravy: Lately I’ve been having him tag along too, for two reasons. One, it makes his quests a heck of a lot faster to go through, as I no longer have to hoof it all the way across the map in order to get the XP for having completed a Minuteman quest (and get the next one). Two, it’s pretty funny going into a settlement and having a gushing fanboi (or fangirl) accost him and tell him what a great hero he is etc. Lately (this must be a perk of having a modded Bethesda game) he’s gained a “girlfriend” of sorts in Diamond City, a scantily-clad trader I’ve not seen elsewhere in the game, who pops up whenever we’re in town.

  • Deacon: Frankly he’s hilarious. Maybe one of the best companions in the sense of his not getting on your nerves. Not sure if it’s just me, but once he joins you, I find I can’t easily get rid of him, as there are so many dialog options under “talk” that you don’t see the one to “dismiss” him. Or even for him to exit his power armor. I did manage to lose him in the Glowing Sea but a week later he popped back up at RR HQ none the worse for the wear.

  • Cait: Forget it, she’s a nutjob. OK I recruit her occasionally when I’m on a “white knight” playthrough but usually no.

  • McCready: Haven’t used him yet.

  • Curie: Her dialog gets annoying after a while, to me even more so than with Piper. I did manage to convert her into a synth one time (kinda a spoiler so no further details) just to see if I could.

  • Danse: I don’t dislike him, but can’t stand his attitude. For that matter I’m not a big fan of the BoS. I tolerate the RR but they’re a bit silly (“Save the synths at all costs!” But then you destroy the Institute and all future synths instead…I guess that didn’t occur to them.).

  • X6-88 the Courser: Haven’t used him.

  • Having multiple companions (using a mod that allows this) is the most fun for me, and frankly keeps you alive if you play survival. It’s also hilarious to hear the companions’ random dialogs talking about the other companions’ factions. Preston: “…the railroad doesn’t sound TOO bad…” Deacon: “[the Minutemen] …give small men great powers…” I kind of wish they’d get into fisticuffs when they hear this.

Factions: The choices are pretty much all bad, except for the Minutemen, and my typical playthrough has me siding with them almost exclusively, even though I may dabble in some BoS and / or RR quests, and of course you have to do at least one Institute quest. In my current playthrough I am sticking firmly to the Railroad, and you have to thread the needle carefully, and ultimately have to (spoilers!) defeat both the BoS then the Institute, one after the other. That’s a lot of effort when playing in survival mode, without the ability to quick-save. Whew!

This redefines “late to the party”, but I had the urge for some Fallout a couple weeks ago. I’ve played FO3 and FONV but never FO4 so after some inner debate I decided to grab 4 and give it a shot. So far, I’m having a blast - mechanically it’s a great game. Conversations are a little lacking but I haven’t done much questing yet (survival mode so it’s been slow going) so I’ll reserve judgment.

I spent ages looking for Dogmeat, I I attacked by a Yao Guai and separated from him, or so I thought. After days of searching both the Red Rocket gas station where I met him and Sanctuary, I realized I had accidentally told him to wait when I first ran into Trashcan Carla on the road before getting attacked by the Yao Guai a few minutes later. He’d been patiently waiting for me for days while I messed around Sanctuary trying to find him.

He’s an essential part of the main storyline so he’d show up again, anyway.