Fallout New Vegas Questions

I’ll keep it vague to avoid spoilers.

Is it possible to mix and match companions? I have two companions but met someone else and I wanted to see how it was with them. If I tell a companion to wait somewhere, will they be there until I decide to come back so I can then go to someone else, have them join me but then switch back later?

This really does read like a Dear Abby letter and not a question about a game set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland doesn’t it?

Also (and I don’t think this can be considered a spoiler), while I am level 15, I still haven’t yet entered New Vegas proper. I was concerned that entering it would start some kind of end game. Does it?


Without a mod, you’re only allowed one human and one robotic companion at a time; you need to fire one to get another.

Yes, but you’re still free to roam around until you reach the end of the end game.

It would probably be better to replace “human” with “humanoid”, the exact nature of some people in the Fallout universe being what it is.

Those humanoids had been human at one point. :slight_smile:

But if you fire someone and gain someone else, can you fire the second person later and go back to the first?


Very mild spoilers about when you enter New Vegas that I put in a spoiler box just in case.

When you enter New Vegas and get access to the Lucky 38 suite you can order your companions to go and wait for you there. You get the suite after talking to Mr. House. He invites you over immediately after you enter the strip.

Yeah you tell them to go wait for you in your room.

It actually depends, you should have two options; you can tell them to take the option as described in** Uosdwis’s **spoiler, or you can tell them simply to leave and they should go back to where you found them/their home. Either way you can go back and pick them up if you want them back again.

Just as a point of warning, its possible for your former companions to be killed while they’re not in your party.