Family Guy 6/26 - open spoilers

“Yes, well I guess the pilot was John F Kennedy Jr…oh my, even I’m a little offended by that.”

We also got to see Teen Stoner Stewie, which was pretty cool. Any episode with the creepy old man is a good one, though he didn’t get to talk in this one.

I loved the line about how you gotta use junk to have soul.

Then they made a crack about Chevy Chase, which is totally true. That guy hasn’t been funny since 1980.

I also thought that having the old man watch Chris jiggle was hilarious, and I liked the “how’s the novel coming along” bit.

John Mayer is a pretty generic, bland, “vanilla” acoustic singer-songwriter, who plays the kind of sappy, light love songs that make sorority girls squeal, and not much else. He doesn’t rock very hard, he doesn’t have a lot of soul, he’s not very accomplished guitarist, and if horny teenage girls didn’t consider him a reasonably handsome, non-threatening sex symbol, we’d all probably be spared having ever heard of him. Basically, John Mayer makes Dave Matthews look like the biggest badass ever.

Bwahaha! You just made my morning.

I loved this episode, and felt it was one of the strongest so far this season.

Hee… the Snorks.

I’m surprised nobody else has mentioned that “Doug,” Chris’ pimple, sounded and acted a lot like Audrey II, the man-eating plant from Little Shop of Horrors. Levi Stubbs of the Four Tops provided Audrey II’s voice in the movie when “she” bossed Rick Moranis around, but I didn’t notice his name in the closing credits of Family Guy.

I also thought it was perhaps the strongest new episode so far. Cleveland’s would-be pickup line was great. Stewie needling Brian was great. The Animal House parody. Brian singing that awful Family Ties song. Cleveland shaking the woman’s foot goodnight. All good stuff, and nothing I really didn’t like.

It was a decent episode. Had several dull moments, but enough gold to be a solid episode.

Probably the second best episode of the new season.

  • I loved it when the zit pulled a gun. It was so random.

  • “Fat ass?”

  • Stewie’s novel monologue was funny the first time. The second one was just annoying.

  • Quagmire slipping her a rufie on camera. Hilarious!

  • I thought there were a few too many over the top pop culture add-ons. He-Man, the Snorks and one other I can’t recall seemed to appear just for the sake of appearing.
    Brian singing the Billy Vera and the Beaters song At This Moment (aka, the Family Ties song), however had me laughing.

  • The evil monkey appearance was funny.

  • Burnt Sienna was good.

  • While the John Mayer joke had me laughing, it seemed to be a close cousin to Chris’s earlier joke about Kevin Costner and No Way Out. Of course, that was probably one of my favorites all time.

Stewie’s “novel” joke went on way, way, WAAAAAAAAAAAY too long. Both times. Honest to Og, I almost turned off the TV the first time. People found that funny? He could have just said “Oh, like you’ve got such a heavy workload around here” and left it at that. That made me laugh. Maybe added “How’s that novel coming along?” but it wouldn’t have been necessary.

It seems to me this show is coming down with “Saturday Night Live Syndrome” in that the bits drag on FAR past the point of funny and well into the realm of tedium.

I’m no “Family Guy” afficionado; in fact, this season is the first where I’ve made a point of watching it regularly. The handful of episodes I had seen before were hilarious, and I don’t remember the jokes being so drawn out (I could be wrong). My favorite bit was one where the family was at the dinner table, sans Peter, and someone lamented his absence. Stewie said “Well, let me just simulate the experience for you,” smacked his face down in his plate, and rubbed it around, snarfing his food with gusto and gobbling noises. That had me howling.

I’m with you on that one. Usually I like these kind of jokes, but this one started unfunny, stayed unfunny, and lasted FOREVER.

The novel joke the first time was very funny, went too long, and then came 'round again to hilarious. The second time stayed funny the whole way through because Stewie’s voice kept going up. The Snorks bit was perfect.


The novel joke I thought was probably the funniest thing I’ve seen on the show all season. The second time it wasn’t funny because it was basically off topic.

The appearence by He-man made me lose my shit. Almost as much as the appearence by Flint from GI JOe earlier this season. Snrks were funny only because how often do you see the Snorks referenced in anything?
I also loved Peter tying Cleveland down, stripping him naked, and stripping himself naked all to make him feel more comfortable.

I really should get the message by now that Fox’s “this show will contain brief cartoon nudity” warning at the beginning almost always means Peter will be naked with overhanging gut. We want more Lois!

Chris: There’s an evil monkey in my closet. (Shows evil monkey pointing)
Chris: He wasn’t always evil.

(Flashback) Then Un-evil monkey coming home from work: Honey, I’m hope. (Walks in to see his wife in bed with another monkey. They then start howling etc.)

*home. He says “Honey, I’m HOME.”
How did I screw that up?

This was the only part that I really enjoyed.

Absolutely! We watched this at least three more times, and it just kept getting better - fantastic timing!

Loved it. But as others have said, the novel joke went on FAR too long.