Family Guy 6/26 - open spoilers

Where to start?

“I’m busy washing the dishes. I’ll change you later.”

Quagmire was going have a 3-way with his mom?


Family Guy is going down hill

“Where all da whiteheads at?”

Funnier than last week, and overall not really that bad, but the current-pop-culture thing is starting to scare me a little. Not a good trend at all for the long run.

I liked it – it’s the first of the new episodes I’ve seen (faulty memory).

Favorite bit: Stewie’s voice getting higher and higher, when he was noodling Brian about his novel.

Next favorite bit: When the Bachelorette bonked Brian with the phone – the way his feet were twitching when he fell down. Nice attention to detail, IMHO.

And did you notice how Doug the Zit kept dragging Chris farther away from the hypo? Did Chris’s arms get longer or what? Brilliant. (Or a goof, not sure.)

Best part of the episode: Evil Monkey bursts out of Chris’ closet, and does his Evil Monkey pointing thing. Chris snaps “I’M IN NO MOOD!” Evil Monkey sadly slinks back into the closet, gently pulling the doors closed behind him.

“Hey baby, how would you like to go back, and then face a difficult decision about whether or not to go back.”

I am SO going to use that line.

The Porky’s parody with the perverted old man was priceless.

Crap. I meant Animal House.

I didn’t get the significance of the graffit – who is John Mayer? Should I know that?

John Mayer

Thanks. Now I know who John Mayer is, but I don’t get the joke. :slight_smile:

Not as good as last week, and the Novel joke went on way too long.

Or maybe the apiring writer in me just got annoyed by it.

Bit of both.

I knew this was a parody of something, but I couldn’t tell what it was. Either way, that was my favorite part of the episode.

Watching the oldies several nights a week, the new ones leave me wanting more.
Am I missing something? Why is Stewie no longer bent on world domination?

“Sorry, I already went Burnt Siena, and I’ll never go back.”

There was only one bizarre and tangential flashback, IIRC, when Peter became a man. It wasn’t that good.

I liked last week’s a lot better.

Call me weird, but I think “Stewie as a third parent” is funnier than “Evil Stewie.”

Is this a reference to some other work? When the chimp was pointing and displaying that menacing stare, I had a feeling I should have recognized it from somewhere.

Anyway, I liked this episode more than others this season. It had a good bit of weirdness and odd moments. I thought much of the humor in earlier shows was too obvious and not very creative. Also enjoyed seeing more lines from Stewie, I thought his taunting of Brian was great.

It’s a reference to previous episodes. Someone mentions an Evil Monkey and then we cut to the corner, where the Evil Monkey is pointing and scowling and there’s a musical “sting” and dramatic zoom that lets us know it’s EVIL. Then we cut away and go back to the story. It’s happened a few times; I’m sure someone else can name specific episodes.

I liked this episode too. I can’t name specific gags right now because we watched “Greg the Bunny” on DVD all night and that’s all I can think of. But I’m sure I went ha-ha many times.