Family Guy 9/11/2005


Helen Keller jokes, eh?

The ripping on Meg has ramped up and I have to admit, I like it.

Nice Flintstones joke.

“Get a sense of humor, Rocky Dennis.”


I’m going to hell for laughing at that and the Helen Keller joke. Brian’s white (dog) liberal guilt was awesome.

And a Rocky Dennis joke, making it a disability two-fer.

With one of the more disturbing follow-throughs ever.

Is it just me, or do others feel like FG episodes last about ten minutes longer than they do? It’s like there’s so much funny by the second commercial break that the show should be over, but there’s another whole segment left.

…Oooh, a piece of candy! …Oooh, a piece of candy! …Oooh, a piece of candy!

Was it just my TV, or was the show full of annoying bugs like missing audio and skips in the animation?

Disturbing and hillarious (but that goes without saying).

Oh my god. I just realized what the sheep was for! BWAH HA (EW) HA!

James Woods channels Homer Simpson quite well.
Anyone else hear the “giggities” when Quagmire’s illegitimate Spanish son was arguing with his mother?

I guess there’s no Spanish equivalant.

Not enough Quagmire!

What movie was that song taken from? Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

Didn’t they already use this one, though. I could have sworn I’ve already seen the “playing Marco Polo with Helen Keller” gag before, albeit not drawn out as long. Where did I see this before? I know it was recent. (And definitely a Helen Keller bit).

Another sterling performance by Adam West.

Dammit, i totally forgot it was even on :frowning:

Heh. Creamed corn.

I didn’t get the lamb joke. Splain?
Also, loved James Woods. Is he really from Rhode Island? Also liked the funny comeback Brian gave to Peter,I forget it completely,something about she couldn’t open her mouth or some such.

What does a sheep vaguely resemble, that has a connection to something referred to as ‘that time of the month’?

James Woods did in fact grow up in Rhode Island. He later attended MIT. That was really his voice, by the way.