Fanatsy Football!

One more thing, the ID# is 62402 Not sure if they want that or the league name. Even if you plan on doing the live draft, prerank your players anyways just to be safe. Get in ASAP

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Omniscient; BAG

Thanks for doing this Omniscient. I hope we get 10-15 people.

I would like to clarify a point for those who may be hesitant to join us - you can set up a list of rankings and have the system make your picks for you. This means that, though we’d like to have you there for the live draft, you don’t have to commit to that.

BTW, don’t you hate it when you misspell the topic? Can moderators edit that easily? And how can we bribe them to do it? Remind me to stay on good terms with them so they don’t start inserting embarrassing gaffs into my posts. I think that, so far, I have succeeded in not attracting their notice, but I’m snotass uming that will continue. :slight_smile:

OK guys I’m calling in all the people who said they join if we needed em. Well we need ya. Come on the more the merrier.

Unfortunately, my wife doesn’t understand fantasy football, and would give me mucho mucho grief for an on-line draft. I can play, but would have to have the system draft for me.

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Did you hear that whip crack?

yes, dear.

Just wanted to reply and send this back to the top of the list.

I’ll do it.

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