Fans of "Who Wants to Be a Superhero" season 1

This weekend on Sci Fi, Feedback, season one’s winner, will appear in the Sci Fi original film MegaSnake. Looks to be about a giant snake of some sort. It’s not clear from the Wikipedia article whether this is the movie he won as his prize or not.

What else would this be but the movie he won as a grand prize?

Remember the prize was to be “featured in a Sci-Fi original movie” not starring in one or one about him.

Um…a different movie?

Well that’s some BS. Why would you want to be in a crappy Sci-Fi original movie unless it was a crappy Sci-Fi original movie about a character YOU made?!

We tossed this around back then. A lot of fans speculated that the prize would be exactly this, a movie with Feedback, not a movie staring him.

I am of the belief that Mega Snake is what Feedback won.

Also, this route would allow for Feedback to get a taste of acting, and not rely on his improving abilities to act. (Read between the lines there.) ((Further, I don’t mean to fully imply that he can’t act, but he is not a household name, as far as acting is concerened.))

I would assume that his appearence in the first episode of season 2, and his follow up webshow, was a compromise between Scifi (NBC / Universal )and Feedback’s Lawyers.

Well that was disappointing. Three minutes of screen time for Feedback, one minute of which was a lecture on being safe with electricity, and no power usage.

I just finished enduring the movie as well… “disappointing” was not the right term. I guess the producers of “Who Wants to Be a Superhero” should have been more specific: “Appear (briefly) in a cheesy low-budget SciFi original movie as the person who you really are portraying the persona you had on Who Wants to Be a Superhero.” Since the preview had a giant, er, “mega” snake in it, I figured there would be some superpowers needed to fight it. But instead you had to rely on an old urban legend and Men In Black. OH well… I haven’t seen the comic book with Feedback in it, has anyone??

It seems to me that the comic book was the real prize, with the movie appearance thrown in to widen the audience appeal. But anyone who knows both comic books and the SciFi channel (which would include all of the contestants) would know that a Stan Lee comic book is a quality product, but a SciFi original movie isn’t.

Still, from what I remember of the movie prize promise, he got a better deal than he could have. All that the show promised was that the character would appear in a movie, not that it’d necessarily even being the winner playing the character.

Is SciFi making any of the new episodes available online, like they did with the first season?

Guys, the “movie” and the “comic book” weren’t the real prize. The real prize was simply to be on the show, and not get eliminated.

Right you are, Ken!

Oh, wait a minute, wrong show…

Well yes, but it’s still slightly on the bogus side to advertise the movie like it’s goign to be a huge deal when it’s nothing but a glorified walk-on. But I’m sure Feedback is thrilled with the whole experience so as long as he’s happy.

Really? Has Stan Lee done any quality comic books since 1970? (This is only 80% snark. I can’t think of anything significant that he’s done since then, but I never was a big fan of Marvel, and I just recently started buying comics again after a break of about ten years.)