Fantasy Football Advice

My coworker wants to trade Lacy or Ingram for either Decker, Evans, Edelman or Austin. My RBs are M. Jones, Vereen and Gore.
Also would you start
Luck or Winston?

Lacy is a risky pickup. He’s been kind of awful, but he’s a talented RB and will probably bounce back at some point. If you can move Tavon Austin for him, I’d take that deal in a heartbeat. Ingram…man. He’s just the opposite: not really all that talented, but putting up great numbers. At some point, NO will figure out how to use CJ Spiller and that will cut Ingram’s numbers in half.

Either RB is better on your roster than Austin. Maaaybe I’d trade Decker for Lacy, but probably not.

Luck’s ceiling is higher, but Winston is somehow more consistent. I’m half expecting Luck to be pulled for Hasselbeck mid game at any point. If you need a miracle because you’re behind by 15 projected points, start Luck. If you just need your QB to not give you a bagel, take Winston.

Do you think Austin will get more catches because of Gurly? BTW I am Rams fan

Based off your second post, I’m assuming it’s Tavon Austin, not Miles. And that’s Matt Jones as your first RB? Man, that’s a rough team.

Evans and Edelman are starters you want to keep for the rest of the season, and Decker is a solid WR3. Austin isn’t valuable. Your RBs are pretty crappy though… Gore is a RB2 at best, the other two are barely worth rostering.

I agree with JSexton’s advice. Lacy has been bad so far so his owner is probably undervaluing him, but there’s a good chance he bounces back. Either Ingram or Lacy is easily worth giving Austin up for, and probably Decker too.

I wouldn’t play Luck this week (playing against the Broncos). Generally, Luck has the higher upside but also bigger risk.

Should I start Winston or Smith at QB? Chandler or Walker at TE?

Easy Smith. Falcons defense is a lot better than Raiders. Expect multiple TDs to Kelce.

Chandler is a tough one. He’s not really a terribly good football player…but that might not matter! He’s a pair of healthy hands in a badly depleted offense that has Tom Brady. I probably run with Chandler, but it’s a close call. No shame in starting Walker here.

PPR flex question: Theo Riddick or Rueben Randle? (Yes, it’s a really deep league and I’ve been hit by injuries.)

You can’t possibly be in the mix to win your league with that QB situation, right? Actually, my recommendation would depend on where you stand in your league. Trying to hang on to a top spot? Play it safe with Smith. Trying to work your way up? Maybe take the risk that Winston has more upside.

At TE I think you go with Delanie Walker. Is Gronk officially ruled out?

Even though GB is the tougher pass defense, I’m almost inclined to go with Riddick because he can get a few rushing yards, and he’s been catching a lot of balls lately.

Tied for second in money league, really want a first round playoff bye next week. TE: Jordan Cameron or Zach Ertz. Charles Clay and Vernon David top two options on waiver wire

I’d go with Randle. If Revis plays, he’l be on Beckham and Randle should get extra looks. If Revis doesn’t play, then the Jets are thinner in the defensive backfield and Randle may get open more often.

Yes I am, alone in 2nd place out of 14. I had Luck, Charles and Edleman to start the season.

Of all those mentioned, Cameron and V. Davis have the best matchups this week.

Playoffs week 1 in my money league. Loaded at RB, start which 3 of these 4:

TJ Yeldon
Thomas Rawls
Devonta Freeman
David Johnson

Leaning towards Rawls/Freemam/Johnson but I like to avoid Thursday night games if I can.

Rawls for sure - he will shred Baltimore.
Freeman has a tough matchup at Carolina, but you can’t risk not playing him.
Johnson looks good on the surface with C. Johnson gone and Ellington still out. But he might share more touches with Taylor and Williams this week.
TJ Yeldon has been pretty solid, especially in PPR format (~4 catches/game), and has a decent matchup against Indy.

So, if it’s PPR I might sub Yeldon for Johonson. Tough call, though. All 4 are pretty good plays this week.

Non-SDMB league, no PPR. For QB, .03 points/yard passing and 6 points/TD, and no high yardage bonus. Both my opponent and me are win and in, lose need others to lose to be in.

QB: Eli Manning @ MIA, Drew Brees @ TB, or Ryan Tannehill vs NYG
RB: (pick 2) Antonio Andrews vs IND, Ryan Matthews § vs BUF, Jeremy Langford vs WAS, or C.J. Anderson (Q) vs OAK

IMO, Tannehill is only in the conversation because the Giants secondary is useless. Matthews is rested and Murray ruffled feathers this week, so he might see more snaps.

It is PPR, I ended up going with Johnson who got me 17 points. Not bad but not a blowout performance either. I think I want the bragging rights even more than the 1st place money in this league so hopefully that was the right call

Play Jets D or Cards D?

Winston or Smith at QB?

Leaning Cards and Smith.

I would agree with Cards defense.
At QB, Winston probably has more potential for a big game, but Smith is a pretty consistent, safe choice.

Ok I will go with it. My opponent has Brady,Beckham, Gurley and Ginn, not very confident

I did beat him a few weeks ago