Fantasy football quarterback controversy

I have Chris Simms… I’m thinking of dropping him for Phillip Rivers. Any thoughts? I’m cut down the middle. (Keep in mind I’m not very good at this)

I know this is a very shallow thread, so there will be no resurrections if it sinks to the bottom. And I don’t plan to make this a habit, but if you’re a football person, what do you think?

Any two cents would be appreciated. Thanks!

If those two are the only only ones available to you, I’d go with Rivers. You probably won’t be getting 300yd, 3TD games out of him regularly, though.

Rivers has LT2 and Gates working in his favor. LT2 can take a sreen pass and turn it into a 40 yd TD. Gates just finds a way to be open in the red zone.

Simms is struggling big time, and without much superstar assistance.

Is Farve available in your league? INTs will be a problem, but he put up big numbers. Same with Alex Smith. As a longshot, look to pick up Vince Young and hold on to him for later.

Forget Vince Young. He’s got nothing going for him at all and there’s little talent on his team. Is Matt Leinart or Jay Cutler available? Both are gambits, when when they pan out, they could be mighty good.

I said he was a longshot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cutler looks to be a good sleeper. But, that all depends on whether he actually replaces Plummer or not. If Plummer picks it up at all, Cutler stays benched. At least Young will get playing time.

True, Young will end up getting playing time. Is this playing time worth banking on to carry a team? Noooooooo.

Out of the two that the original question was about, give me Mr. Rivers.

Oh Oracle that lives in the Quantum Foam, what do you think about Matt Leinart’s chances of starting this year?

I love sarcasm! :smiley:

Kurt Warner is a fantasy start for many people right now, BUT! He IS Warner. I hate predicting injuries, but I do see Matt starting at some time this year. And he will do well. That receiver duo of AZ is awesome, fantasy-wise, and Leinhart probably will be able to get the ball to them.

He’s still a longshot, tho. The Kurt is looking fine for age right now.

I know. I do it all out of fun.

Know that my sarcasm is not mean-spirited

I know. I do it all out of fun.

Know that my sarcasm is not mean-spirited.

I agree with the Warner. We shall see if the mob has its way with Plummer.

It’s all good. We footballers are a sordid lot… :wink:

Bigbaby, I think you need to check out some Fantasy Football sites. There are message boards, scouting sites, line up coaches, etc… all over the web. A simple web search for a “Fantasy Football Message Board” should pull up some good places, some free, some with a minimal fee.

I can do one better. Email me and let me know who you are in the subject line and I’ll let you use my ESPN Insider for free.

Rivers, no doubt. Even if Simms does rebound and keep his job for 16 games, it’s not like there’s a track record that says he’s going to put up huge numbers anyway. Rivers looks safer and probably has a higher upside to boot.

San Diego does have a bye this week, though, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for a starter.

Joey Herrington about to brcome starter.

Is Simms your only QB or is he your backup? If he’s your starter I’m curious about how deep your league is, and how long you waited in your draft to take a QB.

Simms apparantly just had his spleen removed in an emergency operation shortly after today’s game.

He stayed for the whole game, tho he complained of cramping. Was transported to a nearby hospital. Just heard it on NBC.

You definitely need to replace Simms. He did have his spleen removed, Normal recovery is 4-to-6 weeks. Football recovery - who knows? I have Rivers as a bye-week backup for Eli Manning. Not sure how he’s been doing; not putting up Manning numbers, that’s for sure. Manning’s great for fantasy.

Rex Grossman might still be available in your league; grab him NOW, if he is. Otherwise, Rivers is a good choice.

Why not post a list of the available quarterbacks in your league?

Leinhart is starting for Warner next week, according the ESPN MNF people. (QB- AZ)

Morris will be the RB for SEA while Alexander is out with a broken foot for up to several weeks.

And now it’s back to Warner.


Crap. I was just about to ask for you to grovel at my display at fantasy football punditry.