Fantasy Football Trade advice

I play in a 10-team keeper league. We keep 6 players each year.
We start 1 QB, 2HB, 3WR,K, Defense, and a Coach
My team looks like this:
QB-McNair, Garcia
HB-Pittman, Hambrick, Canidate(terrible, I know)
WR-Moss, Owens, Derrick Mason, McCardell
I have more players. But those are the important guys.

Here’s the trade offer I received:
Plaxico Burress, Lavernues Coles, Marcell Shipp, and TJ Duckett
Moss or Owens.

My team is pretty much out of it for this year. So, I’m looking for the future.

I’ll trade a top-notch WR, but my WR’s will still be pretty solid.

Are Shipp and Duckett worthy of a keeper spot? Anymore than my current RB’s?
Any advise appreciated.

I would probably trade Owens over Moss, even though I’m a Niners fan.

Considering the pretty lousy group of halfbacks you have, I’d take a flier on Shipp (and the others). Still young, still developing. I’m not hot on TJ Duckett unless he or Dunn leave Atlanta… and even then I’m not hot on him, anyways.