Fatal Types

I don’t know if this should be in MPSIMS or in IMHO.

What’s your “fatal type”? I don’t know where I picked up the term, but to me it means, “What type of woman/man do you want to have sex with, regardless of personality?”

I got thinking of it because the bar where I hang out has started hiring a lot of my type #1.

I’m just wondering if I’m the only one who thinks, “I want to do her/him!” about a type, before she/he says a word.

Mine are:

  1. White trash/trailer trash. I grew up with these woman and have dated a few. They always wear at least one item of denim. Blond hair is common. Blond hair with black roots is also common. The carpet doesn’t match the drapes, but who cares? Drives a Camaro or other American made car. Curses a lot. Smokes like a fiend. Has several kids. Is great to party with.

  2. Short girls (5’6 and under) with dark, shoulder length hair or longer who are “a tad heavy in the bust” with a large nose. 10-15 pounds overweight.

I am immediately attracted to both of the above types. Anytime, anywhere.

I’m just curious, is there a “type” that catches your eye and makes you go, “So, how YOU doing?”

Women, generally.

*Originally posted by Trucido *
**Women, generally. **[/QUOTE

Rrriigghhtt. No preference at all?

Breathing and capable of consent are always pluses.

I’m with Trucido on this one. Hey, I take what I can get :slight_smile:

I’ll go with spirit of the thing. Although I’m gonna narrow it down even further. Tori Amos. The woman is a goddess. I’m way too lazy to be a stalker, but oh my my my mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…drool…losing focus…mmmmmm


I probably comes from where I was raised, but I’ve always been attracted to Mexican women with large bangs and way too much makeup. A rather unflattering type to most of society, but I’m from the barrio, I can’t help it.