What is it about cute Hispanic and Indian women?

I’m virtually surrounded by beautiful Indian and Hispanic girls right now…and it’s heaven. I guess my question is, what’s the allure? :smiley:

The allure is that you like foreign women because to you it’s easier to view them as objects.
It’s a fetish.

Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. :rolleyes:

I would imagine it’s that these women are different than you’re accustomed to, and therefore interesting to look at, rather than you objectify them easier since they’re foreign. That’s mighty cynical.

Boy, that’s an easy joke to make.
Sorry for the hijack.

Anyway, just wanted to say that as far as I’ve read and understood, and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, we’re genetically predisposed to be attracted to people whose genetic make-up is very different from our own. I’m assuming you’re a white or black male, and that the simple genetics might be a possible reason for your latin attraction, as clinical and un-romantic as it sounds. Anyway, just an idea. :slight_smile:

I liked her. I didn’t feel fetish-ey. She was pretty. She was nice. She liked me.
Simple as that.

Imperialistic and misogynistic tendencies not withstanding…

I think it’s just a case of “To each, his own.” Personally, I’ve just got a thing for redheads, tall women, and singers.

This is, of course, just IMHO.

You’re virtually sorrounded by beautiful women and you’re sitting at a computer? Tell me where you are, I’ll handle this…

Well he said he was virtually surrounded, so he must be at his computer, right?

Boy, that’s an easy joke to make.

Hee hee, and it was a fun thing to type :smiley:

I’d have to say thats awfully goddam presumptous of you. I, also, have a thing for Hispanic and Indian women. Gee, it couldn’t be that I like dark skin, dark hair, and dark eyes, could it? Naw, I just view them as fetish objects.

Please keep this preposterous bullshit to yourself in the future unless you know it to be true.

Gambit, I sugget you take pictures and post them immediately, y’know…like, in the interest of science or soemthing. :smiley:

It seems I’ve offended people in asking this…geeze. I’m sure as hell NOT objectifying any of them…I’ve just noticed that I tend to be attracted to Hispanic/Indian girls.

Let me say this now: ALL women are beautiful. On Thursdays I’m surrounded by pretty Asian and white girls. I’m surrounded by pretty black girls all day. Before I get anymore PC flack, I’d also like to add that my definition of “pretty” doesn’t extend only to physical looks–many of the girls I find attractive have very plain looks, but very good hearts.

With that being said, it seems that a majority of the posters so far have understood my original, perhaps silly post. I thought MPSIMS was the place to share these kinds of things. Perhaps my OP should have read, “what should I do?” rather than “what’s the allure?”

Mouth–I would post pictures, but you’d drool. A lot. (I’d also like to thank you for articulating the very small feeling of rage I got when reading Turpentine’s post. Just when you think you can be lighthearted…)

Surrounded by pretty exotic girls? Drool? Come on, gambit, we can’t all work at a big city day care.

Just kidding. Most of the Indian and Hispanic women are know are beautiful people. Always smiling. And I’m a sucker for big, dark eyes.

Doesn’t a “fetish” mean you can’t get it up in absentia of something? That would be the wrong word to use even if it made sense. Exoticism is different.

That’s another thing I didn’t mention–the smiling! I work as a computer geek for my college, and I get at least ten or fifteen smiles a day for doing very simple things like showing someone how to save a file. It’s kind of hard to keep your sense of balance after a few of those. :slight_smile:

As a general point, if anyone else finds this offensive, I’ll ask one of the moderators to pull it. I’m really just a big ham about certain things, but if this does offend people I’ll ask one of the moderators to pull it. (My threads usually die fast anyway, so I might not have to.)

From Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

Seems like the right word with some of the definitions.

You know, just 'cuz you’re down with brown doesn’t mean you’re a sexist (or racist). My brother has a thing for Asian women. It’s just a preference.

But, yeah. Indian girls are just so damn fine. Lot’s of my friends have Indian girlfriends. Too bad their parents dislike anyone who’s not Hindu.

I feel your pain, brother!

Actually, I too have been developing an interest in Indian women. “No no, too sexy!” “But I must!”

**HapaXL, is that you?!?!??

The allure is that Hispanic women, speaking from very personal experience,** are** cute. Being an American woman of Hispanic descent, I do not feel objectified when confronted with male admiration of my considerable charms. And I have been told numerous times that I do posess a lovely smile…

Cyn: Your post has redeemed me. :smiley:

I also appreciate the eloquent self confidence. Now if I could only believe that two of the women in my class felt the same way about being approached as you do, I’d be well on my way to, well, I don’t know to where. It would be cool, though. :smiley:

Care to expound on those “considerable charms?” :smiley:

(Now, before anyone reads more into my question then what is written, understand clearly that I do not write it to perpetuate the Oppressive Tendencies of the Anglo Male, or to make you feel Subjugated By My Interest In Women, or any other such nonsense. It is primarily an honest question regarding something that wasn’t precisely clear about your post, and also as a silly attempt to flirt with you.) :slight_smile:

No, No, No!!!

**Asian ** women rule!!(might explain why I’m here, in Korea…)

I know my fetish goes back to old monster movies… remember “Mothra”? Those two, cute, sexy little Japanese girls they kept in that box? I think that’s where my interest in Asian girls comes from…