Father abandons family in 1973. Returns to collect Sept 11th money on dead son.

Here’s the full story on this sleazeball.
Here are some selected quotes.

Their mother took care of the family abadoned since 1973 and I believe she will be receiving the 2.9 million. However, now that this solid citizen ha a rea$on to return to his family, he magically appears. :mad:
Wow, nothing like a little money to get people to crawl out of the woodwork. :mad:

The mother of this family had to deal with a deadbeat Dad, raise the family, then loses a son in a horrific occurrence 5 years ago. And if that’s not bad enough, this cesspool dwelling serpent shows up to make an attempt at half of that money.

I’m at a loss to describe the absolutely subterranean depths of this guy’s character.
What do you folks think about this selfish, low-life, greedy, money-grubbing, self-serving bastard?
(And don’t let my comments influence you in any way). :smiley:

I don’t see how the father could legally be entitled to anything. Was the mother his appointed next of kin/ executor or whatever? Ah wait, it says he had no will. Well hm, legal types have anything to say about this?

Gee, I’m sitting here thinking “I bet my mom is glad neither of us kids died in the 9/11 attacks.”

I know damn good and well my sleazebag father would crawl out of the woodwork if he thought there was a dollar in it for him.

I’d like to be outraged, but instead, you left me with warm fuzzy feelings for my shitbag father. Brings back memories, it does.

I hope the son had a will. I hope it said something like “Oh, sleazebag DNA donor, you don’t get shit.”

He’s already gotten half of a $50,000 workers comp death benefit, although the court ordered that he pay $20,000 to his wife for back child support.

According to Best of the Web (third story down) the fact that he netted $10k before may work against him in this claim, since in the WC death benefit case he did not dispute that he had abandoned his son.

I’m pissed the guy got one red cent in the first place.

It looks like absentee parents have been denied in past cases, so the mother stands a good chance of getting the whole settlement. As if that’s what’s important. What a low-life, scum-sucking sleaze bag. I bet he hasn’t visited or contacted his *other * son, either, since he’s, you know, still alive and stuff.

Yes, his other son is alive. Maybe Dad’s waiting to see if his son hits a big lottery jackpot and claim he’s entitled to half of that? I guess Dad just needs a “reason” to visit his long abandoned son.

What a miserable, rotten bastard this guy is. :mad:

I rarely chime in on R.O. threads, but this fellow is really something special. :wink:

OK the guy is a scumbag. But I don’t understand why the mom should get any money either. If he had been killed in an accident or by a common criminal she would not get any money.

If we accept that victims families should be compensated (which is not a given) shouldn’t compensation be limited to people who were dependant on them, you know like kids.

She would if he had life insurance. And as ivylass pointed out, she was the beneficiary of the worker’s comp claim. The guy had no will and apparently no children, so the parents are the next of kin. The Victims Compensation Fund payments go the victim’s estate, anyway, and as far as I know are subject to the usual probate process.

Friedo- I understand all that. I can also see a purpose in providing for people left without a provider. But, the fund could have been set up in many different ways. My question is why should people who lost loved ones on that day be singled out, more than all other people, to receive a wind fall?

All I can say about the life insurance comment you made is if a frog had wings he would not bump his ass when he jumped.

Same here. The only indication that my father is alive is the occasional hit on my credit report when he uses my SS# to get a loan or credit card. If I died and Father thought he could get something out of it, he’d be on it like flies on shit.

Hopefully, this deadbeat won’t get anything, and stuck with the court costs.

Can one write into one’s will…Due to the actions of sperm/egg donor, I expressly wish that not one red cent goes to said DNA contributor?

Would that have any weight with the court, especially if one provided supporting documentation outlining grievances?

I’m not sure if this is related really, but I’m drawing an odd line in my head between this douche, and the fact that actual sperm donors can be held liable for a child’s support, even if the donor had no knowledge of the existance of the kid. This was a NY state case IIRC, so who knows, he may get something, to which the law may see him as entitled, while the rest of us see him for the slimy, pus-laden, green, gooey wad of amphibian shit he is.

It turns out you CAN buy love. Who’d a thunk?

Askeptic, it’s the way the probate laws are written. There’s an Estate of Dead Guy with No Will. The Estate is a legal entity that can, among other things, sue for the wrongful death of said Dead Guy. It also receives the money from the victim’s fund. Someone has to get the money from the Estate, it can’t just sit there for perputuity. Wife and kids go first. If none, then it’ll be Mom & Dad split equally. Just the way it works. Of course state laws may vary, but generally that’s the order.

I have seen wills written where a legal beneficiary (known and unknown) gets nothing more than a $1.00 from the Estate.

In this case, I hope they can keep the greedy dad from getting any money.

I get all that . What I am asking is why would money be handed out to the estates of dead people? Their estates certainly had no legal cause of action against the federal government. The government set up the fund and can set the rules about how it is dispersed. They could have said we will pay money to certain needy survivors. My understanding is that victims family make claims on their own behalf, not the estate of the deceased making a claim on behalf of the deceased. That being the case the money is not distributed through probate but directly to the claimants.

askeptic, I think I see why you still have questions.

This is not a survivor’s benefit fund, it’s a victim’s compensation fund. Depending on the circumstances, this money is paid out, even if the result of being a victim is death. Then it becomes part of the estate.

When I was mugged in the early 80s, I was eligible for victims compensation – for financial losses, medical bills, etc. I didn’t apply for it so I don’t know if it repays in full, but that’s how it works.

Now that there’s a sizeable estate, with no will and no surviving wife and/or dependents, it becomes a matter of probate regarding the surviving relatives – the mother and the pig.

Well, maybe she wasn’t dependent on him now, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t have needed his support in the future. When my grandparents got old, it was the family that stepped in and took care of things for them. We brought two of my grandparents home to die with the family. I think for most old people a time comes when they need help from their children to get by. When the time comes, she’ll be able to afford a really nice nursing home, I suppose (assuming her remaining son doesn’t step in).

I really don’t have an issue with parents getting money from the 9/11 fund. If it had been me, I would have left substantial college and grad school debts behind and although I’m not entirely sure what happens in the event of my death, if anyone would be stuck dealing with the economic fall out, it would be my parents. Are they dependent on me? No. Can they afford to suddenly gain 200k of debt? Not easily.

That’s not why the money was awarded; see Post # 17.

I don’t believe your parents would have been on the hook for the money unless they cosigned for you.